Daphne Goes to Hakone (Video)

June 27, 2016

Hello! Finally I can done my Hakone trip post by June, so happy and look forward to editing the next video which is .....(secret)! 

Hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe my channel!

Stay tune on next post! 

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Daphne Goes To Hakone [CAMPica]

June 16, 2016

I'm here to share about my camping life on this post. Probably is the x time I went for camping..let me think... maybe is fifth time for camp and we just really enjoy this season! (since we love outdoor so much!) 

I can watch Mt.Fuji so near!! SOOOOOOO NEAR!
 Natural light for selfie! Its best view ever! I didn't edit any filter here for my picture and all are original from my camera :)

 Okay! Before we check in to the place ,we went a theme park which is next to the campica!
Its children day! So we have koinobori here and its super giant size!

Surrounded by tourist of course...came from all around the world! We are from Tochigi too so we are TOURIST for a day! All the tulips are so pretty! 

Tulips in purple.

I can die now because the view is too goooood.

The food price also for tourist lol
kinda expensive here.

Chasing kicker all the way and he was too excited to see flower lol
(He can pronounce FLOWER lol) 
 Balloon ride :)

After spent 2 hours in the theme park and we ready to check in for our place to stay! 
Not luxury hotel room and its just a empty space for put your car and set a tent.
Its quite crowded and so glad to see everybody is enjoying !

You can check here more for this theme park 

Kicker special car for ride!
Yakiniku time when kicker is asleep! Thank god I can have my wagyu!haha 
Actually also having Bah ku teh at the moment !

 Night time at the campica! super super cold omg!

Okay thats me! Cold until camera not function lol

 keep yourself warm and its really not kidding! Luckily I brought my knit along.

We should have this for some fire, but ....I don't want be so smelly after bath so..Just keep like this!

The next day when tidy up for home!

Sleep tight my baby! He was so excited but tired too! 
You are wondering less of picture for blogpost?
No worries,clips are during processing and you will have a long long video for this trip!

Will be update again soon! 

If you are camp lover you can check here out 

Probably before I started my family trip post !

See ya ! 


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Daphne Goes To Hakone [ Togendai Port]

June 7, 2016

 Im back to this place again since 3 years ago, Danny used to bring me around before we get married. I remembered it was my birthday and he planed to brought me to Hakone ( a famous hot spring place).
You can read back my post on 2013

Im here again!!!

With 2 boys and I'm officially a mom now lol

Ebina service area---which is the huge service area ever and if you looking for Japan souvenir or foods,come here! The symbolic here is melon bread.
You can read more by clicking EBINA SERVICE AREA

We always stay overnight inside our camping car right now..just a small home for us! Its very comfy!
So,we gonna stay here for a night! (EXCITED) lol
Done hot spring and the place wasn't great as expected,even kids bath area have to book earlier so kicker didn't bath on that night ( luckily he not sweating too much) 

Just a very old style Japanese hot spring, maybe just for taking a hot shower and hot spring. ( not really recommend)

 We never sleep well because of the typhoon...the car is not stable and the wind was too strong make us felt so scary for that! Luckily we are safe so I can blog now!
So I wondering the family who sleep inside the tent......should be a terrible night !

 A place can take ropeway up to the mountain and you can have a look for the onsen area! But unfortunately the ropeway has stopped because of the strong wind. So we didn't manage to go up there.

So we went to take a sight seeing cruise which is departure from the port.
Which is from Togendai >> Hakone-Machi 

Just 30 minutes for 1 way and you can enjoy the view and its really worth!

 We got the premium seat which is like 1500JPY and you can have nice seat + nice view!

 Take the most front row seat and manage to see the Mt.Fuji!
 View from Hakone-Machi.

For shop souvenir and here are my choice for you!
Gotochi kitty is must shop item!

Don't miss a chance to try all the ice cream flavor here! 
( I didn't try because the weather so cold) 

Maybe next time!

When hanging back to Togendai after visited Hakone-Machi for 2 hours.
 we just manage to get normal ticket so we went outdoor ! Avoid so crowded inside ...

 The cruise is quite big and it has everything you needed!

Checked in to our Japanese style hotel for a night.
 Its been for few years, always looking forward to visit this place again.
You can read back my first visit 

The meal was really goooood. 
Busying for stopping kicker to mess the room, and feel super tired ( not really relaxing when you bringing a kid) 

Western + Japanese (taste good but i prefer the previous one) 

Kampai!!! ♡

Next will be update for the camping area nearby Mt.Fuji! 

see ya! :) 


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