Happy 1 kicker boy + preparation for party ②

November 10, 2015

Preparation for party is never ended....I was woke up 8:30am in the morning and the party started on 1pm.Luckily all the decorations is done and we just prepare the drinks and foods in the morning.

 Actually all the ppl still sleeping while me and Dannyboy is awake.Maybe just too early but we hope can finished all the dishes first so we get up early. First we prepare the tonic water ( soda water + fresh fruits). You can see the tower on the left and its actually for beer. (We wanna make it special) lol

 Cupcakes done by me ( no actually just the whipped cream and deco only)
I wish to bake cupcake by myself and really need a oven for that. 

Dannyboy and my friend Sim went for delivery sushi and pizza. Dannyboy made the malaysia style mee goreng (our party is malaysian style enough).Others was just made by me.

Here you are the birthday boy---pumpkin kicker. 
His look is special enough although we are all dress like so normal. Actually went to picked his party closet 2 weeks before and keep choosing which for him.So coming every year we need to dress him like this even just 3 of us for the party.

Kicker haven't know how to blow the candles and daddy just blow it away! Dreams come true my baby! ( I bet you see so many pumpkin on the table)

How was my cupcake? I hope it looks good. 
SO cute the backside look! Play with Ikeda family and standing for so long.

Group photo by chanwon's super camera and everyone just smile so good! Thanks for coming everyone! Just the little pumpkin not sure where to looking and just looking the bowl as well.....o.o


After the party! Times to tidy up...thats why I said need cheap balloons lol
Thanks for helping everyone!

Before cheers,we went to onsen and take shower and have a nice massage! Come back with super tired face and we are not forgetting to cheers for the party! Its successfully over and thanks for all the wishes and presents. Quite blessed because still have few malaysian friend in Japan so we can meet sometimes even we staying so far! Kicker must grown up faster and mommy wish you can find a nice girl friend lol

All the jie jie gor gor are so in love with you ♡

Happy birthday once again my baby kicker boy a.k.a Geraint♡

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Happy 1 kicker boy + preparation for party ①

Hi how are you guys doing?

Been busy lately on work and finally now is free to update kicker birthday celebration here. 
Actually we have no special theme for kicker since he is halloween baby, we just made it like halloween party but no special dress code needed. 

I have prepared some party props and just all from Daiso and 300yen shop. (Since some of the things will be throw after that so just using cheap tools will do)! DIY home party, its the first time!

 The plate and paper cups are from Dais.The other decoration stuffs are from salute.

 I was last minute to prepared this stuffs since no extra time to shop so when I shop on 29th and all the halloween stuffs are 30% off!!! So I grabbed 2 pumpkin for the table decoration. One is for the candies holder.

 Heard that party should have cupcake right??
Daiso muffins is super good! Just 108yen for each pack and I bought some chocolate chips from supermarket and stay tuned with my homemade cupcakes lol

Thank you Chanwon come along to help us prepared the party. 
Me,chanwon and Dannyboy just keep pumping the balloons coz so hard to blow it! 

Using 2 tone balloons to decorate the loft...but....40pcs seems not enough at all.

' Maybe here? ' We just cannot decided where to stick it.
 At last Dannyboy decided -.-

Table clothes was totally picnic feel but very suit for the birthday theme! Its yellow and orange make the room looks so much warm. (Now is winter)

 Finally they decided to make like this.Although my idea is totally different with this but at least is nice,I won't care about it.
Oh ya, all the balloons are from Daiso too!

The extra one was decorate like this. haha 
Chanwon said it can be like this until Xmas eve lol 

All the stuffs done by 1am and we chat after that while Dannyboy's brother reached our place.

Just can't sleep yet coz everyone was super excited for the party!
For kids party, I would like to suggested to have the deco props at Daiso or 300 yen shop. Their stuffs are really good and quality not that bad. I was prepared for these item and for decoration just using around 6000JPY for it and not yet including the foods. If you are going to hire someone plan for you, it may charge 35000JPY above. 

So, why don't you done by yourself??
In Japan, we not used to hire those planner but we all do by ourselves as well. Although I wanted to make kicker birthday like those super huge party but we don't have too much friend over here.

You can have the same idea with mine too!

Have a nice day!

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Happy 1 year motherhood journey

October 28, 2015

Hi! Since you see the title and congratulation for myself for being mom for 1 year! Thanks for being so nice to me kicker boy (because he slept well at night never cry too much). Really thankful!
Sometimes is just annoyed because of he nag me but think back it was a good memory.

One year ago,he was allowed to go back home after 7 days staying at NICU and we are just so excited to see him in real and learn how to bath a baby and feed him. A lot of problem and we just found out new born baby just too many pattern and they seems not really get used with the outside life so do cried a lot. After you know them as well,you will found out why they cry for.
Being a mom,it is a successful journey for treating new born baby and ready for the next step.

That was me and kicker and finally we are home.

Me just starting my confinement and lose 6kg after give birth. (But still overweight than my previous record) Just cannot believe actually pregnant is quite big difference. Im always yawning about my belly is so big and no more clothe for me anymore and forced to quit my job temporary because there are no uniform can be fitting anymore. 

I have record every face from kicker and he do have a lot of FIRST TIME.

kicker first toys--tsum tsum! 

His first angry face lol 
Actually he hates to change diaper everytime and keep crying so we tried a lot way to explore whats going on. We tried to bought him a wet wipes warmer because that time was winter when kicker born so we wondering is the cold wet wipe makes him feel uncomfortable. ( Actually still not sure what happen till now)

First time bringing him out during winter time! He was so tiny yet. 

After long time,I decided to cut my hair to shoulder length. As so hard to take care him because baby always wanted to grab your hair. The first time I left kicker with daddy at home and went salon alone. Self pampering is important. 

When I was pregnant,my skin is quite good maybe is without alcohol. Really no need to apply any moisturiser even during winter time my face won't have any problem even naked face also quite fine. I started to miss it! I'm still worrying that during pregnant cannot be drinking something but really feeling thankful to kicker because no need to waste money for expensive skin care.

First time sitting! He still 4 months old I think. Just me waking him up every morning but now is he waking me up lol

Kicker first try---Swimava! He likes it a lot....but not now :(

He first dressing like a white bear. Fluffy jumpsuit is present from grandma and unfortunately it just be wearing for 3 times and cannot suit anymore after that. This is so cute but sigh....

Kicker 100 days (weaning ceremony) for him! Read here if you wanted to know.

His first visit to Ikea too. Sitting like a bog boss and he just loves to outing with us ( It will be a good way if he get used with it) wish to go travel with him one day.

Kicker first sakura blossom experience.He will have more sakura season soon since he is staying in Japan.Hope it will not make him bored.lol 
But I'm sure he never see probably for this because he was just 5 months old that time.

His first Disney trip which is with Chanwon on last spring! I was so worried actually because never been bringing a baby with me to Disneysea and there are always crowded -.-

Ya some of you have already know...my phone screen was cracked after this trip. (So be ready while travelling with baby)

Kicker first matsuri,Disneyland...etc We loves to bring him along and hope he will get used with the environment.

Time flies,it was kicker half years old bday party!Bought him a crown and I think he will be our king forever lol

Once you being a mom,seems everything will change slighty. You will know if you still single! Damn miss my single life actually...>.<

After 6 months old he never sleep so silent like this..haiss

Changed all your shoes closet to this...no more heels and only flats.

You will not have any extra time for your meal and someone will keep disturbing.
Knock the table and take over all the stuffs on table...

You will have a plenty of baby food inside the fridge and drawer. Just for the little one.

When he refused to eat,you will be the one who worrying and sad.

Having someone who sleep between us haha *sorry for naked face*
We used to wearing mask sleep during winter time to keep our throat moisture and avoid from sick.
You can try if you are sick, its really work!

You will have more that 300 selfie picture inside your phone.

Can't believe it can be so fast and from a small baby turn to big baby lol


More Journey to come!


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