Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Golden week DisneyLand

Hello its has been 5 years I'm here again! *so excited* Just almost forgot how Disneyland looks like!
Loving the castle here and make me feel that I'm in the Disney wonderland lol
Still the same (crowded) here and always refuse to come during holiday and we chose Monday(even is public holiday) but luckily is not that crowded than DisneySea.

With Ikeda family.

We just reached 9am that day! Super sunny day.

The first thing come to Disney is choosing a hair gear for yourself.No matter how old are you,female or male,old or young,everyone is wearing here.

Next is hunting for your favourite popcorn.
DIsneyland has few flavor like Honey,caramel,salty,curry,strawberry...etc.I think is almost like this few flavor.You can found that they selling popcorn everywhere.
My favourite is curry flavor (As a Malaysian should be like it)!!

Random queue for the ride. Japanese is patient enough.(I mean the Japanese living at East part).
The west part like Osaka area's Japanese is not patient like this...

Managed to take some ride along with baby kicker. But he fall asleep loooooo...*shock*

Its easter season and its eggs everywhere,and also very beautiful blossom.
Spring theme of Disneyland.

Just me and popcorn again. I can't live without that popcorn lol 
I remembered I had almost 4 regular popcorn that day! OMG...no wonder the next day I felt like sick lady....

Even for lunch,we also queue for 30 min to get in!
Well,just for a normal Italian lunch.

After lunch and take some ride again. 

A place with magic and definitely come back again!

Hope you enjoy all the photo here! #heavyphotopostever 


Monday, May 18, 2015

[Outfit Post] Korean Style lace dress

Hello Moday!!

Just update before I forgot the post here and with my favourite lace dress which is bought from a korea online store.Prefer korean style than Japan style sometimes coz its too over sometimes for Japanese fashion and you can't even follow too much for it.

I always prefer comfy wear than unique wear. Due to some reason too I can't even wear heel always.
Style a white lace layer dress with all time favourite---legging and white heel.
This is the feminine way for me.
Either it is the most comfy way to dress too!

Everyone saying I look good with short hair.Maybe its time to changed myself because as a mom and as a new start for myself too.

DHOLIC lace dress | Zara legging | Zara heel | Balenciaga bag |

Photo credit by Chanwon.

Have you buy Vivi May issue? Try to find me inside *blush blush*
Photo from Instagram.

Special thanks to Vivi Malaysia for the feature (Street snap) and look forward to have more opportunity!!

Have a nice day!!


Monday, May 11, 2015


I'm not very sick for sakura but I love to watch it sometimes and just make me feel its spring time.
Sometimes just get some request of my family to send them some sakura photo thats why.

Just a very special sakura moment for this year because Chanwon is coming to Japan join me for her little trip. She must be the super excited person in the world (this is her first sakura moment)

Lucky enough for catching different sakura located in different spot!!

Brought the little kicker along with us and this was his first sakura too!! 
The place here is almost having the white sakura^^

Location: Futaarayama jinjya (Utsunomiya)

The day we drive to Tokyo and found some place also having full bloom and I just ask Danny dropped us and only because #selfiewithsakura lol

Not sure where is the place here and its Ibaraki somewhere,and we found a roll sakura tree there and it is super beautiful!! Definitely worth for everything!

Location: *SORRY NOT SURE*

The day we went Odaiba beach side and found still have some pink sakura there and it is almost middle of April! Just very surprise and it is too match with the rainbow bridge!

Wanna catch more sakura for your trip!? Never visit too late for Tokyo area (around end of march to middle term of April) maybe you will get a chance to see full bloom! 

Tell you, full bloom is freaking awesome!! Don't miss it out.

Location : Odaiba beach side (Tokyo)

Any question about Japan??
You can asking me by email: daphnefroggy.com@gmail.com