Hokkaido Travel places that I went

August 22, 2016

Hey Back to my blog to sharing some places that I went during my Hokkaido trip! Its my first time being there and I were plan to go few years ago, unfortunately it was 311 earthquake and I forced to canceled my trip! Just a good chance to be here with my family,my dad and sister were the first time to Japan even I've been living here a couples time. 

Just a quick sharing for the places I visited. I have been doing research on this trip by looking the guide book,searching online for the transport and its so nice the host from Airbnb also sending me a lot of information,it was a helpful host ever!

I was landed in shin-chitose airport from Narita airport and the transport is quite convenient in Sapporo too! Guess what? It just like Tokyo city. We are 4 person and the staff just show me this bus ticket which is 1 set for 4 person we can totally save up 120JPY to the town. Well its not much but I think Japanese always try to make something affordable.

We reached our stay at about 7:30pm which is already night time. The building is kinda old type apartment and its not hard to find but since it was night time, we took 15 mins walk from the bus stop. Its very clean inside and the comfy bed as picture. The kitchen is a bit small for 4 person but is okay we just stayed for few days.

 (My mom is kinda shocked, like are we going to stay this old place for a weeks?) HER FACE SHOWED ME... 

well, I think is a bit small for this, but thats what I have been staying during my uni life. (Now she know I worked so hard in Japan)

The host is really helpful although her english is not so good, (I can speak Japanese so our stay was quite fine),she also prepare a lot of information at the house so you can take a look. 

If you keen on this house you can click here


It is a leisure park to let you have a walk and of course is photo time for tourist! Its very beautiful and I felt that the air is totally different with Tokyo, is kinda long lost fresh air (lol).
I just love Tohoku area so much because the place is always clean and the temperature is just nice!
I was visited during end of May and Hokkaido was still spring time ( its about 12c~18c) 

I suggest you guys must take a light cardigan or long sleeve as well.

 If you are corn lover you must try this out. Which is Hokkaido corn ( steam or grill) its just natural sweet.

We are just in time for the lilac festival which held at the Odori Park!
Its having ramen, wine, each country foods,cheese....etc! You can just buying the ticket for ramen and others just purchase and pay at the counter. 

It was a lot of fooodddds, but its a bit expensive for me.

After walked whole afternoon and we got our ramen at nigh! I got my lobster soup base ramen! Its just taste superrrrrr lobster. 


The park which is Hokkaido well know souvenir---white lover cookies. You can have free entry into this garden and if you wish to make some cookies then you have to pay for that....ONLY! 
Its having many photo spot inside and you can just enjoy unlimited selfie (haha). 

Must try the ice cream there which is very milky and mild, and you just can having inside the park! 

There have more facilities in the indoor , like some souvenir shop, the cookies making factory,the dolls museum, and etc.

For paying to experience making cookies

For Shiroi Koibito official site 


A place you can enjoy unlimited king crab or others hokkaido famous seafood. It wasn't unlimited time but 100 minutes that you can eat as much as you can. This is a place which is introduced by one of my friend and he said its nice and good for dining. 

I suggest you can go on weekdays, and about 4pm to 6pm, it will be less people there and you can enjoy! Don't worry it having a huge place and a lot of fresh food!

I also wondering some of you must choose eating BBQ (yakiniku) like my family do, I really suggest you can just have seafood like those crab, clam,shrimp ... because 100 minutes is not really enough for all the food there. So eat until you feel its worth for the price (Kia su lol) 

Just in case you say I'm bluffing you, so I have suggest you just eat those crabs!!

Information for dining in Nanda restaurant/ reservation 


My dream place ever! Finally I'm here, but i wish to come during winter which you can see the snow and it will be very romantic lol

We just have a walk around the canal and you can see someone having weeding shoot here! Its very romantic my gosh!Just glad it is a sunny day and perfect weather.

(Is too much tourist here, that 70% are Chinese, 20% are korean, just even 10% are Japanese)
You will found out here.


Its a place for you to making some glass work and its well know in Otaru! Some hair accessories and of course wine glass, just everything inside was GLASS. Its almost all the shop here are selling this kind of art goodies. If you are collector you might be very excited to be here.

OTARU ORGEL DO (Music Box Museum)

Handmade music box also available in Otaru. You can have more than 100 choices inside the shop and also you can just customise the only 1 music box here. I chose the simple and classic design music box ever that I hope to grab it long time ago.

If you watched my latest video you will found that a lot of song title which is writing on the rack, and you just choosing the one you wanted. Just easy and simple!

You can take a look on their website by clicking 



We went up the Mt. Moiwa which is a very nearby night spot that we could really get there by public transport. You need to take the street car to Moiwa entrance and transfer the free shuttle bus to get up to the mountain. Before that you have to take the ropeway + cable car. If you drive there should be nice and just take the ropeway up there.

Of course its very beautiful and this is the Japan best 3 night view.

Mt.Moiwa ropeway official site


A transitional shrine which is located in the city, its surrounded by greens and you will passed by a huge forest to get into the shrine. It makes me feel really comfortable when you surrounded by nature.

We just give a pray and talk a walk during the last day. 
Don't forget to get the lucky charm here which is a sakura charm and it will bring you luck.

For the first trip you must be nervous where should visit, me too.
Hope this post can help you plan for Hokkaido trip!

(we didn't rent a car for more places,we just went some place which is all go by public transport)

Hopefully will visit again during winter!

See you on next post.

Don't forget to take a look my video too! It having more picture inside.

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There's fake Sonny Angel!!!

July 28, 2016

Hi Guys! 

Today just wanna update about my favourite figure---SONNY ANGEL! Guess what?I found some China / Hong kong Seller selling some 'FAKE' product which is in very cheap price in eBay! Its really sad to see this, its not really fake until you will just pissed off but if wanna compare with real one, you will know the difference.

 I was just wondering how its looks like, so I ordered a set 2015 Xmas set from the website. Its a Hong Kong seller, I think should be better than China seller. 

Because the price just ridiculous..China seller selling 4kinds+ 2secret dolls per set is 1590JPY(which is 65MYR) can you imagine 6 dolls only 65?? Its really drive me crazy! So I ordered from Hong Kong seller which is costed 2700JPY per set (105MYR) 

Since its from eBay and I think should be safe and its having money back guarantee as well. 
I could remembered last time I also tried to find a laduree keychain, and I bought from Ebay as well, and when I reached the parcel and I found its FAKE item... wtf ...!

Okay! Here is the box when opened the parcel, and I found out this parcel was sending from Beijing, which is CHINA lol 
Just got cheated at first, and the tracking number given are wrong too.


 The box is weird, I didn't see something like this before actually! 
Japan sonny angel usually having a big box and its come with 12 dolls inside.

The box is mentioned with 6 kinds.

Its should be 4kinds + secret in Japan.
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

 The box will be light color than the fake box.
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan) 


These are the dolls inside,actually the quality not bad that I expected.

The seller also noted that 

haha I just wondering how good is it!

Let’s take a look.

 Chinese Version will be shiny and Japanese version is matte.
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

 Chinese version with purple ears and Japanese version is pink.
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

Painting not so nice, maybe just not perfect.
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

Lastly you can compare with the leg for the engrave words. 
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

 (Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

 The doll was broke and the color painting was so bad actually ...
China when you will become better?

left side will be a bit yellowish if you see carefully on it!
(Left: eBay seller | Right: Sonny Angel Japan)

Just a sharing my thought about the sonny angel and hope can help you guys avoid for buying the chinese version. Is not really fake but quality is not that good, so i suggest you guys make a purchase for Japanese version will be better.

Just a simple sharing and hope you guys like it!

Have a nice day!


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Daphne Goes to Hakone (Video)

June 27, 2016

Hello! Finally I can done my Hakone trip post by June, so happy and look forward to editing the next video which is .....(secret)! 

Hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe my channel!

Stay tune on next post! 

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Daphne Goes To Hakone [CAMPica]

June 16, 2016

I'm here to share about my camping life on this post. Probably is the x time I went for camping..let me think... maybe is fifth time for camp and we just really enjoy this season! (since we love outdoor so much!) 

I can watch Mt.Fuji so near!! SOOOOOOO NEAR!
 Natural light for selfie! Its best view ever! I didn't edit any filter here for my picture and all are original from my camera :)

 Okay! Before we check in to the place ,we went a theme park which is next to the campica!
Its children day! So we have koinobori here and its super giant size!

Surrounded by tourist of course...came from all around the world! We are from Tochigi too so we are TOURIST for a day! All the tulips are so pretty! 

Tulips in purple.

I can die now because the view is too goooood.

The food price also for tourist lol
kinda expensive here.

Chasing kicker all the way and he was too excited to see flower lol
(He can pronounce FLOWER lol) 
 Balloon ride :)

After spent 2 hours in the theme park and we ready to check in for our place to stay! 
Not luxury hotel room and its just a empty space for put your car and set a tent.
Its quite crowded and so glad to see everybody is enjoying !

You can check here more for this theme park 

Kicker special car for ride!
Yakiniku time when kicker is asleep! Thank god I can have my wagyu!haha 
Actually also having Bah ku teh at the moment !

 Night time at the campica! super super cold omg!

Okay thats me! Cold until camera not function lol

 keep yourself warm and its really not kidding! Luckily I brought my knit along.

We should have this for some fire, but ....I don't want be so smelly after bath so..Just keep like this!

The next day when tidy up for home!

Sleep tight my baby! He was so excited but tired too! 
You are wondering less of picture for blogpost?
No worries,clips are during processing and you will have a long long video for this trip!

Will be update again soon! 

If you are camp lover you can check here out 

Probably before I started my family trip post !

See ya ! 


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