The fisheries shop (You Must Visit)

April 19, 2016

Must do in Japan which is enjoy seafood here and its BBQ style! I bet you saw a a lot of fisheries shop around and you just curious ' should I go inside?' Probably this place always so crowded and not really baby friendly place. ------YES! I dropped by kicker at the nursery and we went for dinner. Like finally we both can have time to enjoy the food here.

Not sure Tokyo area will have english menu for tourist or? My area just having this Japanese Menu.

FONT is creative enough! lol takes me some time to understand.

 Spot the FRESHHHHH seafood behind! Its all my favourite like scallop,clam,oyster. ( I love something which having shells) 

Passenger is having her plum wine! Its feel so good. 

After the appetizers and here goes my shellssssss lol
Just ordered a seafood grill set but the squid is too much ...o.O

The hokke fish! Always my favourite! Will takes some time to grill it! Make sure inside is cooked!

Just feel like want to have scallop and those huge clam! sign didn't have crab that day....

Its freaking gooooooood! Can't really describe it good but hope you know what I wanted to tell! 

Not sure what fishes is it but its tasty!

The spam which is in deep fried version! Must have in Japan! Its called HAMU-Katsu.

After that we ordered the oyster and not sure why its inside the tin box but after that we knew that is kinda steam oyster and need 20 min! we keep waiting and just heard some 'gang gang gang' inside the box....must be those oysters are so suffer inside haha 


Times up! Let me rescue you pity oyster!

Just wait to be serve! 

Will definitely come again next time to try out more menu! 

the daddy is eating without his lovely son is like not very enjoy.. he is like ' aww I miss my son'
so we went back earlier after this! 

Even we came here together but his heart is with his son lol 

Hope not really make you guys hungry. Will share more nice foods and view! 

See ya!

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Ichigo Farm (My first visit)

March 22, 2016

My first visit to strawberry farm in Japan (even I went to the cameron highlands one before when I was young) Just make me remind....those strawberries are not really sweet but
Just a little surprise from hubby that he said wanna bring me and kicker to a place which is having our favourite food there and I keep thinking....what is the food that me and kicker love a lot? Steak ??buffet?? I'm not really sure after we reached the place.

OH! That's strawberries!!!

I'm not even know haha maybe just a fruit that me and kicker love a lot! Kicker can really finish 3 in a minute...cannot let him eat too much.

Just a place you can eat as more as you can ( which is strawberry buffet style) in 30min! i don't really eat that much ichigo in the morning o.O

The place i stayed is well known for strawberry which is tochiotome(とちおとめ) the strawberry type in Tochigi. From December to February is quite a good season for hunting strawberry. The guide said the easy way you just pick the red colour one will do! lol

I hope I can take a tupperware inside and bring them all home! (Cannot!!!! Don't siasui ah!)

So we just took a lot inside the bowl and eating it outside of the house ...the house temperature is quite hot.

Kicker eating!!

He don't feel like want to walk...coz the place is full with green. (This is a long long story) I will tell you next time if I manage to make it a blogpost!

Daddy is more major on that so I just waiting all the time! (Look at the kicker) 

The first time he eating so many ichigo ....really shock me!

This is the best way to enjoy ichigo! You must buy the condense milk along if you manage to go the farm! (Actually there is selling like 1 is 100JPY, no worries)

Probably don't challenge the rules, Japanese is very sensitive for that! Like what I said bring tupperware inside and take away! ( Maybe some ppl will do that) :(

The entrance fee was 1300JPY and you can enjoy unlimited ichigo during the 30min!! 

Not sure the place name I will update again after I got the information :)

Don't be so hungry when you reading this post lol


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How I spent my chinese new year in Japan for so many years?

February 18, 2016

As the title shown I have updated a new video on the channel! Huuurayyyy hope you guys like it but actually just a boring video lol

I just wanted to be sure to record some of my daily life in Japan so maybe you guys can know what actually I'm doing here. If you have more request you can leave me a comment and I will do some clip :)

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Bring your baby travel around with you?

February 4, 2016

I have been worrying a lot when during last year travel with kicker boy to Taiwan. What I worrying about?? As you know baby need to be feed, diaper changing and etc... as you can't find a proper place to change his diaper... you will have a bad travel time ever lol

I can't do any research about this on google and I did't ask any Taiwanese friend about that maybe they not really know about that.
As you guys know, Japan's nursery room is perfect and we never worrying when hang out or worry forgot about the hot water or forgotten changing can found at least 1 baby room in the department store.

The baby room in Haneda Airport. Everything just perfect and 2 room for breast feeding.

While travelling in Taiwan. We always finding the restroom for multipurpose. Its quite convenient for us and you can settle yours too. 

But we found a baby room in the station!
Its located at some hide place and .....
the room's door is locked, you need to ask the station attendant open for you. 

At first, I was thinking how its look inside? Is it the one which is so dirty and I saw a article online before said the nursery room's diaper changing bed is dirty and the floor is full of dust...and also cockroach!!!! OMG sorry I over thinking about that.

We just asked the station attendant to let us in ( Normally daddy is not allow to go in but only 3 of us and he just let us in!)

This is how inside look! Wow I was surprised and said quite good and didn't expect its much clean. 

The breastfeeding place. The environment just good! no doubt and picture tell all.

Seems Taiwan is soon be a baby friendly country like Japan. All the design and system are just like Japan's baby room! 

Bravo to you Taiwan!

So this guy is quite enjoy during the trip with all the nice place and facility!

The baby room in the TaoYuan international airport. 
I think you no worrying about your baby out of diapers during the end of the trip. All the sizes are here and also baby wipe too. Just too good here!

So Taiwan's baby room is checked!! 

4 stars rate

One more thing is maybe they can have more baby room then should be perfect!! lol

You still thinking and worrying about the baby room in Taiwan?? 
No worries, Taiwan is best travelling place for you and your kids.!!!

Plan up your trip to Taiwan ♥


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