Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Food sharing: Marshmallow Elagance

Hi today just wanna update something cute and very yummy! Guess what?? I'm not a dessert lover before pregnant but now....I changed! I admit I love sweet thing now (I don't want be fat lady) T.T
Just looking for more cute and nice food in Japan for introduce to you guys and I finally found something which is I looking for so long time!

I'm gummy lover and sometime craving for marshmallow.So I think Gummi Mallow will be the best matchers in the world and you can having one of them at the same time.

First I saw this,really feeling like...everything in Japan is soooo cute!Really can't wait to see it in real.(But I already can imagine how was it look like.)

I was like...OMG too cute and I think I won't eat it.I post it on my blog shop and some of my customer ask for it.Cuteness overload right??

Me trying the raspberry flavor!

The packaging so cute right??
From left Gummi mallow,caramel mallow and the plain marshmallow. I've try them all and of course the best-----Gummi Mallow.

So the summer limited flavor! MANGO...! For me,I'm mango lover 
This is what I got from the store.It is very mango and super in love with it.

So for the one who interested on it,you can order from @walkinjapan_com (Instagram) or LINE daphnefroggy for more details.This is only you can get in Japan and I think I do share a very lovely sweets for you guys lol

Thanks and will have more delicious food to share again,Good Night!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DisneySea 2014

Back for update again with my last trip to DisneySea.Actually just planned it so hard because recently was the raining season,so try to avoid going with a very sad weather.... like last year went with the bloggers, you can read back here. Also a very bad bad day. So hope no more bad weather day so we just keep praying lol

This is the 4th times I been to DisneySea, not really loving this place because it is too crowded.Maybe baby will like this place so next time we will go Disneyland as well. my first time with Dannyboy in Disneysea you can read back here. (Rainy day again)

It is very lucky!!!!!Finally its a very HOT day and really super great day that we had.
Okay here is my super sunny look.Just behind my favourite place.lol

MUST PLAY--The tower of terror---which is my favourite place.But cannot ride at the moment (>__<)

Just found some Disney's fans.Loyalty fans I should say.

DisneySea MUST EAT ---the smoky drumstick and the mango drinks.Just look for it every time I came here.Just like 400JPY per drumstick. (It is super delicious) So,long queue every time.
WHAT'S WRONG???!! (Too delicious face?) Im not really remember.

Non-stop eating....lol

Our lunch??Maybe I should say it is dinner.

The sunny coordinate--
ZARA tops // Topshop shorts // EMODA bag // SPINNS sneakers //

Just had too much fun with Dannyboy.Will be so busy after that so see you next time..!lol
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Second trimester of my pregnancy life

It comes to second trimester of my pregnancy life.Just feeling the baby kicking is stronger day by day. I just can't wait to see my baby soon!

We planning to move to other place now(tell you when it confirm okay?) and I know it is really not good to moving around when during pregnancy and some friends just always telling me don't be so tired during pregnancy...THANK YOU FOR ALL THE CONCERN.

Just feeling nothing to wear and of course no HIGH WAIST PANT...>.<
It is super annoying that you can wear your hubby shirt and leggings pant...

The days without any heels.I think probably 4 for months to go.

How are you think??Like me,I love alcohol,I love heels,I love colour my hair...like every girls does.I can really blame on my baby??I choose not to,because I enjoy my pregnancy life like baby kicking,it was so amazing.When you can really see your baby in real,everything is worth,totally worth than everything.

2 more weeks for check up and meet the baby again (sorry I didn't know SHE/HE) Lets guess!!
Feeling the baby bump getting bigger day by day since I'm 6 month pregnant now and work uniform can't fit anymore and S to L size,means baby is growing up (never waste all the food I have ate)lol

Still need a lot of advise and please tell me any information,I would like to know more.

Thank you!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book review: Ena Matsumoto

Today will have a book review about Ena Matsumoto.I think you guys already know who is she and no need to explain more about her.The first style book of Ena,are you wondering why she so famous?Because...awesome ppl always famous.Just like someone who had a dream to achieve and they made really good things and bring up the fashion trend,that's enough.Like Ena makes Emoda and now whole Japanese girls are crazying on the trend of Emoda.

I'm Emoda lover also and I will update every month issue actually. For previous you can click here.
Well,just skipped for few month never update (will update more).

So let show you what's Ena favourite style.

Check out her beauty tips on the book also! If you know about Emoda Cosmetics line.
 This is the hairstyle I love the most.Do you think short hair suit me??I'm going to think about it.Coz short hair really look good.For the who having short hair,you should try this.

All about Ena Matsumoto

1. How are you going to match daily #ootd?
Ena: I will make sure my next day schedule and pick some blouse or shirt and after that I will only pick up some accessories,bag and shoes.

2.Can you tell us what is your point to match your daily outfit by choosing among of your closet?
Ena: I will take the whole coordinate's balance and make sure I can wear like what is actually suitable for my style and body size.Of course comfortable coordinate is pointed for sure.

3.What kind of clothes you usually shop for?
Ena: CUTE!!!I WANT IT!!! and I will just take it and pay!

4.Do you think about making kids or baby clothing in the future?
Ena: No,not at all.Now is very busying on my job and I think I won't have much time to think about it so maybe after licoco grown up.

5.How you think about 'fashionable'?
Ena: Trying to mix and match the coordinate and of course if you can follow the trend and try to match with your own style.Not only keep buying clothes from some famous brand but you need to make your own style as well.

Just an update of my favourite fashion icon and of course my dream was working in EMODA too.Well,it is just like a dream right now but I will keep following the EMODA trend.

Thats all for today!!
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See you guys on next post.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Its not a dream anymore to shopping in Japan

Hi!Some of my follower and friends know about the shop I in charge on instagram. Well,I just love shopping anyway all the girls love shopping also.So it is not a dream anymore and I can get anything what you want. Just visit us~~ 

See my first customer of course she is the beauty blogger and my BFF also ---Chanwon !!! So she is super satisfied with the stuff I got for her.Of course she also request for some item and I already posted on instagram for more you can follow us!

The first batch order was the kitkat with limited flavour pudding and raspberry!! So here is the customer order.Really hope will reach very soon and you guys can have it. I also bought myself some raspberry and I think it is better than strawberry coz raspberry got a bit sour and I just eating like non-stop. 

The Tokyo Banana roar we got! 
We just send out today and feeling so excited! Look at the cat's printed and I'm trying it too.For more will start next batch order.

The hello kitty book also the best seller item in our shop and with reasonable price so maybe you can think about it? For Hello kitty,you can request more and we will try our best to look for it.

Everyone favourite--Duffy and only available in DisneySea.Don't worry we will have a group buy soon so if wanna pre-order please follow our page or LINE me up (daphnefroggy) for take your order first. Will update more Disney goods on June so be patient!
We appreciate all the customer and of course we will provide the good service to all the buyers! Look forward to see their reaction when receive the parcel and please stay with us.

Still confuse??Nope,got something to request us to get for you?Don't be shy to LINE us daphnefroggy for more details and we will get back to you soon. Follow us WALKINJAPAN_COM !