Q-pot x Sailormoon

July 5, 2015

Picture taken from Qpot official site

Hello everybody!! Just have a super busy weekend and almost forgot its July now!!Time flies and here are some awesome and cute stuff for introduce!
Qpot is a Japanese handmade accessories shop and its all about dessert type accessories. You can found really cute and REAL sweets accessories here and I know it is expensive just for a necklace. But this is really cute after you see the real item...everything is worth!

Qpot x Sailormoon 20th anniversary collaboration items are available from 30th June. (Just few days ago) and this is super famous and of course a lot ppl queued for that too.

For me,I was sailor moon fans since 10years old and my favourite is of course moon! I started to learn how to draw sailor moon which is teached by one of my friend. If I can find out the pairing sheet it should be good but I think it is left my granny house now lol

Okay here you go my favourite collection.

No.1 Starry Night Macaron series (Necklace or Charms)

This is just too perfect and I'm 100% in love with this.
Thanks my Sg mama tomo for telling me this is on sale if not I never check out of this! I think you should in love with this design too. This design just sold out too fast and many girls can't manage to get this on the first day! (Me too) Actually I'm looking for the charms,I'm not sure what should I do 
with this but...I know it is great!

No.2 Crystal Star Macaron series (Necklace or Charms)

I bet everyone like this because it is a Sailormoon 5 members symbol on it and it is just perfect for sailor moon fans! This is not bad too but if it is in heart shape or other shape,then will be my number 1 then! Macaron shape stuff just can kill all the girls.

If you remembered this too!

No.3 Moon Phase Pocket Watch 

This is the very mature design and The moonlight is the message of love words in. How Qpot can be so good at design this kind of stuff I just can't stop staring on this product.

For more about Q-pot and sailor moon collaboration item you can visit Q-pot for more details.

You can check their awesome website anytime and now they have a collab with Disney character---Winnie The Pooh!! 
Here you go the pooh soft biscuit face necklace and some charms and spot piglet too!! ^^

 Q-pot Disney STORY
Click picture for go through the link!

Have A nice day!


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Journal life ♡

June 24, 2015

Started a journal life from last 2 months.The reason I bought a midori travellers note book---collect all the cute stuff from trip and I able to paint it with my favourite wash tape as well. Not really remember when I started to collect wash tape and my first wash tape was a cat printed tape! Just bought a lot 'useless stuff' that Dannyboy mentioned as above lol

Feeling so lucky because I won a giveaway prize and its a hobonichi notebook and now I still keeping inside the box and thinking should I use that for y daily record...but I don't think I have extra time for that..o.O

For me, Mtn is a place for cut & paste.
I can only done with my record when kicker is taking nap...otherwise don't think you can finish it.
Just cut out all my favourite donut and paste it inside my notebook.

I just love to doing this! 

Kinda Japanese paper art!

More to update soon!

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Kicker happy 6 months old !!

June 17, 2015

Took me sometimes to found back this photo that I taken last month and I know I'm late for update!
Sometimes just wanna snap kicker cutest moment and time flies he already 7 months old now. This is the most chubbiest time and cutest time I ever had! 

Just need to show him in the future! Actually heard ppl saying that your phone camera roll inside will full of baby photo after give birth...I totally agree with it!

I have about 1500 photo of kicker for this seven month ! I think I'm not really crazy and some parents  is crazier than me.In Japanese we usually call it 親バカwhich means stupid parents but the meaning is we love our baby until so crazy lol

I proud to be kicker's mom as well! 

Just come changes after turn 7 months old:

• Lack of nap and kicker always yawning there.
• He refuse to eat porridge and he just loves pumpkin anyway.
• He slept early and wake up early(sometimes wake up at 5am =.=)
• He loves to talk with auntie and he wish others ppl can listen to him.
• no more chubby face and seems he loss weight >.<
• I cannot leave him alone even just going for washroom.
• Sleep alone on the futon bed and finally daddy is back to bed.
• Starting to say 'wowowowowowowow' 'bababababababa'
• Cry a lot.
• Like to stand even still not yet crawl nicely.

I'm not sure baby in 7 month should be like this but kicker does!

Any advice for me or share me your baby's diary too.

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How to create a DIY cafe at home??

June 5, 2015


Any latte or coffee lover here? I'm not too addicted with it but would like to have at least one cup per day! Just as a started point for a day. Prefer more milk inside my coffee so cappuccino is my favourite.

Something like this?

Coffee art shop everywhere but its so hard to find in Japan. I just loving korea has a lot of cafe which is full with latte art and quite simple and relax. Should be open one shop here and anybody come?

So I decided to make some coffee art at home(cheat one) lol


FAMOUS cat's marshmallow online shop in Japan! #yawahada
Which is an online shop located in Nagano.
A marshmallow shop and all are homemade #toocute !! Just order 2 gift box for myself and enjoy my own cafe at home. It takes a month to reached my doorstep because it is too popular and always need to WAIT!

You can see through the picture which is super cute the cat's paw and little twin cats.
The cat looks too innocent!!! 

Okay start with a cup of black coffee is better coz it easily to float!
You can prepare any hot drinks to enjoy it!


what you need is----- A CUP OF COFFEE lol

Taking out the super cute cat paw marshmallow!!!
Its chocolate and the pink part is rose flavor.
Just make a latte at home and RELAX....


This is totally cheat one lol
As you can see in the picture its a latte sheet called Deco Latte.
Which is super convenient and its comes with 10pcs in a pack!

I choose the Rilakkuma type 1 and its also come with type 2,snoopy and
Here you go...
The packaging is too cute! And its included many calcium with the sheet lol

Just open the plastic film inside and take out the sheet carefully.
You need to put very carefully if not the sheets will sink and your latte will fail then!

Successful 95% (Maybe the latte is too hot and the sheet is started to melt....>.<
But anyway this is the result!

Don't worry about the sheet and its made by gelatine powder as well so its safe to consume.
Here you are the lazy and cheat one latte at home!

This is what I've used for the latte art! Sign they don't ship worldwide because the marshmallow will melt! Its okay at least I can help you taste it *evil smile*

Deco latte you can get in LOFT or kiddy Land Japan. Or you can ask Walkinjapan_com as well!! *Advertising*

Follow my instagram too if you haven't!

This is how an otaku mama spent her time in home!!

See you on next post!

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