Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My favourite Daily Skin care

Hi!! Today will blog favourite daily skin care.Should I call it skin care?Because just got a lot of hair product and nonsense thing Anyway just wanna share something I using for daily!

I guess some of you having the best skin care?I have not too much skin care for my face also body at least it is works good on me.Maybe sometimes branded is better and quality also better than no-branded. But one thing is ----everyone have the different skin type.

First--Eye product I'm using.
Lycée eye wash and very cute Rilakkuma contact lens solution. Just very care my eyes because I'm always wearing lens for 8++ hours when I'm working.(But now I'm still holiday with kicker) Btw,I recommend you guys should use eye wash because it can refresh your eye and avoid for the bacteria.This is the best item I've been using. 

Body lotion from LUSH Japan. The best lotion that I had! I just love their product so much because all in handmade and all organic,the best in best is their product so good smell. Like natural smell and not like the fragrance but it is very good. You should try this!

For face, deep cleansing mask from GLAMGLOW. Bet you heard this before,I'm using this twice a month to clean my face and don't forget to do face mask everyday to make sure your face get moist during winter. 

One more tips---better don't drink too much alcohol drinks avoid pimpers.Why say so?I just stopped all the alcohol drinks after I found that I pregnant,and really feel something had changed on my face.Its look more better than last time.(Maybe my life was quite mess last time) I'm glad pregnant change my hormone so well.

For lip product---Vaseline is the best choice and lip lump is lip treatment gel. Its can help your lips look extra sexy after you apply your lipstick you can apply along together. Winter MUST item!

Come with hair product on the left (AloeVera royal cream).It is from my mom and I'm always asking her to help me grab it while she send me parcel.You can get this at the Kuala Lumpur any Organic shop.This is still my favourite! Very intensive and it is a hair treatment cream.

Pink colour bottle--premium rose peel. remove all your dead skin and you can read my post by click here. Just do twice a month and you will have really smooth skin.(Especially your knee,face too).

Share me yours too! 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Do you have skin problem? I think everyone who do make up will have a lot of problem with dry skin,oily skin even more problems right? Just having some new skin care trial set today and it is really helpful!

Today just want to introduce a skin care product which is original from Japan (Shin nihon seiyaku Comapany).It is actually targeting to 30~50 year old woman which need more moisture for the skin and I'm going to try it now! (Just curious about my age?? 27 also can try right?)

The best thing is you can just buy this trial set and if its really works good on you,you may buy the whole set which is in bigger size than this.

Its come with the CLEASING SOAP,MOISTURE GEL,CC CREAM and the NET. Just too cute for the size. You can bring to travel also!!! o.O

First step must be remove your make up(since I try this in the morning so just wash my face with the cleasing soap). 
With the very friendly instruction paper inside.

Take out the soap and put it inside the net and dip into the water make it turning to foam type(keep rubbing it).Foam type usually is more gentle and friendly to our skin.

After that use the foam and gently wash your skin. Just too soft the bubblesssss..
Actually you can use more but I'm not greedy as you. Just an amount to cover my face is enough! I always prefer using classing foam than gel type and also my make up remover I also use foam type because I believe bubbles clean well.

Satisfied Level---★★★

The next step is moisture gel from perfect one. Its contain toner,moisturiser,essence,cream,face mask,make up base...that means 6 in 1!! You just need one of this gel with you right now! 
It is very fresh and it helps to repair the bad skin and keep moisture as well. Of course this is ageing care product as well. (Am I too early to use this?? ) !!!

Just try this for few days and its really moisture and no need face mask during night time. This gel is not too sticky---suit for the girls who hate creamy moisturiser and I think you might love this too!

Satisfied Level--★★★★

Last come with the CC cream. I have no idea when is DD cream gonna release lol 
Since last time got a lot of BB cream and now hit with this CC cream...but I still Le Blanc whitening foundation lover as well.They do have BB cream as well but the set only come with CC cream so I tried this on!

Just a little bit oily for me and it works very good actually. The skin tone is quite dark for me (it is natural beige colour). Maybe I have long time never try those BB or CC cream as well so Chanel foundation is the best for now. *Opppsss sorry*

Satisfied Level-- ★☆

Just draw eyebrows and now is ready to go out!! Better line up your eyes
Very satisfied with the classing soap and moisture gel and you can try it too since it is cheap and available for trial set!

DONE!! With brown eyeliner and pink lip balm. Go out now! 
If you feel interested to have one set you can leave me a message!! 

Have a nice day!!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

The best FOOD day!!

Hi back for update! Before give birth baby and during hospitalise the best time for me.
Just no need to cook by myself and having the nice meal ever.

2 weeks earlier before delivery, craving for SOBA and went to yoshinoya. Unagi is my favourite!
In Japan,they usually have set meal and Japanese love having ramen with rice or fried rice set.I'm just curious why they will eating like that and after experience that,finally I know this is the best combination ever. (Get fat easily lo)

Mom come over and she cooked my favourite! Guess what is it??

During hospitalise.....*super messy room*

3th day breakfast ---Finally I can eat as usual but this is porridge set come with some egg & vegetable and dessert is yogurt. 

Satisfied level-- ★☆

3th day lunch--Also porridge but dishes is quite colourful! just wondering I can eat orange ?? For chinese,this meal is too ridiculous because during confinement we should not eat porridge or fruits also right?? Japanese do not have confinement period...o.O   

Satisfied level-- ★★

3th day dinner--Super satisfied dinner!!Guess what..its a chicken steak and upper left was seafood with basil soy mom just stopped me not to eat the seafood since I just finished operation,think chinese should 'pandang' all the food and lifestyle too. For me,I have to eat because I'm in Japan. lol 

Satisfied level-- ★★★★

4th day breakfast-- It is super Japanese style breakfast and I'm not really like it because I prefer bread during the morning but luckily they have gave me 'oishii gyunyu' (Milk lol) and I just finished half of them. According the nurse,the meal is good for breastfeed and super good for mama too. So,just because of milk----I ate all of them after that. 

Satisfied level-- ★

4th day lunch-- This should be breakfast right??I just gave this meal 100%!!!!My favourite salad and the burger is just nice!

Satisfied Level-- ★★★★★ (full star rate)

4th day high tea-- Very healthy fruit cake which is serve by them,come with hot tea.

Satisfied level--★★☆

4th dinner-- The day before discharged,they will prepare a celebration meal (Fish or wagyu steak) Of course I choose 
As you seen,just like a full course meal and its come with a sparkling wine(free alcohol).

Satisfied level-- ★★★★★ ( can I give 6 star or not?)

5th breakfast-- The day leave hospital and feel like don't want to back home...Just too nice the food and ppl are so nice here. Western breakfast in the morning! yay.

Satisfied level-- ★★★★

The day back to clinic to take kicker home and they serve me lunch also *how nice*!! Omelette rice with tomato sauce *nom nom nom*

Satisfied level-- ★★★

Cake from neighbour! *too much sweets* 

Just a very good experience to choose giving birth in Japan,just because of nice food and ppl here and make me forgot how painful is it. Maybe one more baby?? (kidding)

Share me your meal too!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2 months old kicker!!

Manage to update my blog on the first day of 2015!!*Bravooo* Happy new year everyone and stay at home with kicker today(otaku mode now) T__T  Update baby's diary while kicker is sleeping. #Momsbeingmoms

Day 31

The day with kicker after my mom went back Malaysia.She always worrying me how to take care her grandson at home because its a lot things to do at home.New born baby never sleep recently and make me carrying him whole afternoon and cannot do housework at all. *see his manja face* swt

Day 32

Here is the dinner I cooked when one arm carrying kicker and I'm really super mama liao! #proudofmyself

Day 34

His favorite place to be. Showered kicker every morning (around 10am).Before that he will cry like so pity because I will only feed him after shower.So see his super happy face and get ready for bath!!

And...after bath ZzzzzZZZ need to wake him up for milk lol

Day 35

Didn't manage to sleep well on 34th night because he keep waking up each hours and cry for nothing.Just wanted to drink milk every 1 hour and almost never sleep...*panda eyes*
The next morning he was so genki and I K.O,luckily is saturday and daddy boy help me take care him for the whole morning and finally can take nap for few hours...o.O

Day 36

Went to town for shopping! As usual he slept in the car all the way to town (around 3 hours)! *Thank god* Kicker like we bring him for take a walk so now still considering to get a stroller for him in case so tired for carrying him whole day! Date with papa working place when he was 19...the place is too great for food and I really need wine next time.Kicker is awake so carrying him and having my pasta.

Day 38

Kicker grown to 55cm,means 3cm from the date he born! Just too convenient if you have a towel like this and looking forward the day he turn 80cm.Maybe after one year?

Day 42

Woke up with the super ugly face...crying for nothing and maybe need more milk?Just can't stop catching the different face of kicker lol..this face is definitely dramatic haha

Day 43

The first time he smiling like this when we try to talking to him.Seems he started to recognize our sound and giving us some response after we calling him or praising him. I'm always ask him 'WHY YOU SO HANDSOME' and he will really answer me like 'ARHHHH'(baby voice). Just too adorable!

Day 44

Dannyboy started to decorate his own working space with some new item. Lamp from #francfranc

Day 49

First snow in Utsunomiya and matching with kicker's outfit (got snow flake printed on)

Day 50

Mama loves ice cream and trying out different ice cream every week. #NoMorePreggersLife

Day 54

Milk coma shoot... I think I will be a good photographer maybe?

Day 58

Our 1 year anniversary and date with papa and kicker along. Dannyboy is really exhausted when kicker is non-stop crying(actually he is sick-ing) we just simply having our dinner at the steak house!Just get used to carrying kicker and having my meal...all the time.

Day 59

Cut my hair short for new year.It is actually too hard to keep a long hair and sometimes so lazy to wash it everyday and dry decided to CHOP!!! Much better now.

Day 60 

Getting chubbier than before??Just can't wait to see his little 'drumstick'!!! *ham sap eyes*

Day 61

Happy 2 months old kicker! Have been learn a lot for being a is not really easy job!! It is worth to see him getting bigger day by day!! Mommy loves you and will have more update for the 3th month!! See you everyone!

Wishing you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015,all the best.