Bring your baby travel around with you?

February 4, 2016

I have been worrying a lot when during last year travel with kicker boy to Taiwan. What I worrying about?? As you know baby need to be feed, diaper changing and etc... as you can't find a proper place to change his diaper... you will have a bad travel time ever lol

I can't do any research about this on google and I did't ask any Taiwanese friend about that maybe they not really know about that.
As you guys know, Japan's nursery room is perfect and we never worrying when hang out or worry forgot about the hot water or forgotten changing can found at least 1 baby room in the department store.

The baby room in Haneda Airport. Everything just perfect and 2 room for breast feeding.

While travelling in Taiwan. We always finding the restroom for multipurpose. Its quite convenient for us and you can settle yours too. 

But we found a baby room in the station!
Its located at some hide place and .....
the room's door is locked, you need to ask the station attendant open for you. 

At first, I was thinking how its look inside? Is it the one which is so dirty and I saw a article online before said the nursery room's diaper changing bed is dirty and the floor is full of dust...and also cockroach!!!! OMG sorry I over thinking about that.

We just asked the station attendant to let us in ( Normally daddy is not allow to go in but only 3 of us and he just let us in!)

This is how inside look! Wow I was surprised and said quite good and didn't expect its much clean. 

The breastfeeding place. The environment just good! no doubt and picture tell all.

Seems Taiwan is soon be a baby friendly country like Japan. All the design and system are just like Japan's baby room! 

Bravo to you Taiwan!

So this guy is quite enjoy during the trip with all the nice place and facility!

The baby room in the TaoYuan international airport. 
I think you no worrying about your baby out of diapers during the end of the trip. All the sizes are here and also baby wipe too. Just too good here!

So Taiwan's baby room is checked!! 

4 stars rate

One more thing is maybe they can have more baby room then should be perfect!! lol

You still thinking and worrying about the baby room in Taiwan?? 
No worries, Taiwan is best travelling place for you and your kids.!!!

Plan up your trip to Taiwan ♥


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How I spent my new year eve 2015

January 29, 2016

Hi back to update a super delay post and have update with youTube video along! Loving to edit clips recently and might make more in the future for myself or for kicker too!
Just talk about my new year eve! Actually no idea for it but have to do something good for 2015 and luck comes to us! We got the Disneysea count down ticket that we applied 3 months ago and never expect will get it! 
Really thank god because last year was too bored new year eve and this year like finally!

This is the ticket for staying inside the park from 31th Dec 8pm till 1th Jan 7am ticket! Also the benefit is you can go through 2 parks in 1 day by holding this pass! This is incredible.

We planned to go Disneysea on 31th too thats why we have the day time ticket along with us!Of course can't wait to having my new year eve in Disneysea! Must be so fun....and cold too.

Let's go again with the camping car because last minute is hard to book any Disney room there :(
Just too last minute and all the room fully booked half year ago... see how Japanese crazy.

All the stuffs ready! Milk powder, baby foods,even cleanser all get ready!

Place for put our pillow,blanket and baggage! (Can be bed here too!) 

Place for your closet. 

Also come with fridge! We didn't switch on but its chilled! Outside temperature was 1c...thats why!

The little kitchen corner. Brought along the warmer pot for putting curry chicken and some food to survive! lol

Homemade curry chicken! Bravo!

Supper time!! This is what we expect to stay in camping car! No wide bed but its like a little hotel room which is free of charges! Own space and own kitchen lol What you expected?

Boiled water for milk. You can even cook instant noodle here! good!

We reached almost 11:30pm and queue for the entry to the Disneysea car park ( we just wanted to get a nice parking place and hoping not to walk so far) We just wait until 1:30am and they finally open the parking space for us! Most of the visitor takes camping car here and we finally know! 

What we do during the night with supper! Kicker don't feel like want to sleep too :(

Its morning view for this and its about 9am! Everyone was enter the park and we still slowly prepare.
No rush! We will stay in the park for whole day + night lol

But really not rush about it:) Even I can took picture with my favourite character !!!:)

If you wanna know more about it?? Watch the video below and its having night show along + new year eve count down! 


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VLOG ⭐︎Taiwan haul sharing⭐︎ ALL ABOUT FOODSSSS

January 20, 2016

Hi!! Finally I update the haul from Taiwan!! Just manage to edit a 35minutes Vlog to 17minutes lol
I talk too much in the Vlog and now finally summarised it to short video! It just took me half day to done since and during kicker sleep I have been edited quite smooth.
Hope you guys like it!

Watch Taiwan trip video:

Day 1 & Day 2

Day3 & Day 4

Here you go the haul vlog!!

See you guys on next post again!! 

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Taipei 2015 Xmas Day 3 & Day 4

January 13, 2016

Hi guys as you seen above all our EATING FACE and we do enjoy all the foodie in Taiwan. Really glad Taiwan is just 2.5 hours from Japan and we ca able to visit frequently! I love Taiwan food and they are very polite and helpful all the way! 

So finally the day 3 and day 4 video is DONE! Wish to blog more picture but I think video should be more fun than picture. I can found out my face really so chubby when I hang back to Tokyo and like now I'm a hungry zombie again. (Not saying Japan food not nice but.....) 

Keep thinking if we can take away some food now??
(Japan no such like this mamak lol)

Watch here for more about the trip and give me a thumbs up if you like it ♡ (Much appreciate)


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Taipei 2015 Xmas Day 1 & Day 2

January 6, 2016

Hi everyone finally back to update my trip video and blog post!

First of all,Happy new year to all my friends, and the one you follow me! I have been traveled to Taiwan on last christmas and this is my first time to Taiwan. I was expect a lot of things to shop and all the cheap clothes, shoes,accessories...etc. But at last was eating a lot of nice food! PLUS 3kg when Im back to Japan lol

Day 1( From TaoYuen International airport --- Zhongshan---XimenDing---Shilin Night market)

My boys! Even they never sleep well but they can really smell Taiwan foods!! 
Rest at the airport for few hours and waiting for boarding. On board i just slept for 1.5 hour because kicker keep moving like a snail so...I just keep awaking o.O 
Actually is quite tired but we need to wait check in to the stay we booked and the time we reached airport 9:30am and check in was 3pm... okay we just need to drop our baggage first!

First meal in Taipei was Hong kong style cuisine lol 
Who care??!! Super hungry lol

After dropped our baggage at the guest house and we still have to wait 3 hours for check in because they need to clean the room..OMG! You can see my face and hair.....

Found some nice drink nearby our place! Our first milk tea served!

Just lepak for few hours and we are so much tired and we get up the room in 2:30pm and luckily the owner just allowed us to check in! *Thank god*
The place you can search in Airbnb and if you need the link you can click
The owner is super helpful! But if you are shallow sleep I don't really recommend you staying here because the street is quite crowded.

Done bath and take a rest,we went to Ximending to have a walk before hang to night market.
Its like harajuku in Tokyo and super crowded during christmas.

Much better right? Before make up and after? 

I saw huge minion lol and the banana man.

Night market ---shilin. My wish list since how many years and finally I'm here for food hunting!

Beef steak highly recommend!
1pax is NT$100 and family pack is NT$200.

Day 2 (JiuFen---Shida night market----Zhongshan)

We expected to woke up earlier and get a nice breakfast but the yonghe soy milk did open on that day. But guess what we found in Jiufen ----the soy milk shop!!! So happy and just go in to have second round breakfast.

Signature of Jiufen! Heard that this is Japanese favourite place!

Take a break and selfie time!

A Place which is so nice to chill!Their tea is really good!

Shida night market and found so many fashion shop here! You can be shopping a lot with this place !

Lastly the hot stir fry shop nearby our place! Quite enjoy but I prefer Malaysia's one! More spicy!

Watch here for more ♡

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