Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First time for DIY

Hello,have been moving to new place for 1.5 months and used to be with the new place (Like finally)
I really missing my old place which is a very small apartment in Japan as well but it is too small for us already (baby will come out on OCT soon).We decided to move to a new place which is more comfy for us ,baby and also our pets.

[ I know you will like to ask which is-----Can a pregnant lady move house like usual??]
OF COURSE CAN!!! Japanese used to moving house when during pregnancy...!

You will notice that I keep updating my instagram and my blog was just update for twice a month....sorry to my blog.If you have been follow my instagram you will know how was my new home looks like...(maybe just a small part of them)

Was hoping to have really pretty wall paper at our new house and ask dannyboy to make it and guess what he said? 'It is too expensive for whole house's wall'.....0.0 Okay then...

I can DIY by myself so I ordered a lot wallpaper online and stick it with myself of course!

Just done shopped the house curtain.

Done shopping at IKEA also. Reasonable and I love all the furniture there so I picked most of them there. The day we spent.....like...a boss.(Everyone just staring at our stuff...coz we used 4 huge troller and queue for pay) o.O lol

I have ordered the wallpaper set and the tools for stick the wallpaper.It is very nice online shop and really reasonable price to do with it! Some of them are the imported wall paper and very nice.
I chose the wallpaper which is came with glue and easy for the beginner.

They just prepared part by part and what you need to do is just paste by yourself.I just finished one part!!!Look not bad right???


This is how my pattern.....haha Im not showing my leg.

This is my closet room. I chose a classic pink colour to match it. Still on processing.....

Of course our bed room. Will do a home tour soon. Just loving all the pattern of the wallpaper.

So do you look forward to see my new house look like??Maybe I will just show you some part of it and please look forward !!

Have a nice day ahead!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

About me---20 facts

Seems everybody blog about this title recently and I do wanted to do a 20 facts above myself. To me,I'm not really know myself so well and sometimes my closer friend know me as well...(failed to be a human).This is not my fault,some of you same with me too?

1. I'm not really like to talk, especially strangers. (Even family, I'm not a talkative person that you imagine)

2. I'm really shy and when I'm with my friend,I will be very active.

3.Why I calling myself FROGGY? I love FROG (keroppi) when I was a kid and don't try to give me a real frog for bday present and I will kill you.lol  (Thats why my blog's name is daphnefroggy.

4. I always wear myself with black,grey,or white.I wish someday I can wear pink and pastel colour. (Really someday)

5. I'm stubborn.

6. Wishing to have high nose bridge and no one support me to do plastic surgery.

7. I love ALCOHOL.

8. Believing in FATE.

9. Love cooking.

10. Staying in Japan but dislike JAPAN. ( I will explain it later)

11. Always yawning about...how to become more attractive??? ARGHHHHHH!

12. I have a very strong will about....DIET! (Never fail)

13. Loving all the casual wear than elegant wear because just finding myself more comfy outfit.

14. I love heel and also sneaker.. (Flat shoes also!!!) I can take which is my favourite but let me choose.....I will.....(Still confusing...)

15. I used to listen others as well,but not going to tell others (KEEPING PROMISE)

16. I love EMODA and korean casual fashion.

17. I love SPICY FOOD (which means Thai food & Malaysia food)

18. I'm macaroon lover and after pregnant I ate one macaroon everyday... #dieformacaroon

19. I prefer no make up day and I will feel like it is the real ME.

20. I love CATS.

Did you know me more by reading this 20 facts about me?? I really think for whole day actually for this 'useless post' ever. I hope to know myself more.

Hope to blog more while free and need some inspiration.....anyone??


Friday, August 22, 2014

Teddy Bear Museum @Nasu Shiobara

Visit my favourite place again which is full with natural green.Just having few days holiday (summer holiday),not me but Dannyboy so he has asked me that 'Where you wanna visit?' Of course no shopping life for me again so i decided to go visit NASU again.

Where is NASU?
A place which is full with green,natural...means 'kampung' lol Sorry I didn't mean it.
Just a very beautiful place!!You can read back my previous year BBQ party.

This is only me and Dannyboy,and also baby! Just went there for a walk and having so good food maybe~~Remember this place??If you are my loyalty readers sure you will remember I've visit this place last year with my high waist shorts.(Don't say again Im sad)

I don't even know NASU have a teddy bear museum inside since I wanted go visit Korea one so badly!!!

So cute right? Really feel in love with this place.

You can see the teddy bear stone .Sorry for the bad photo quality and I hope you really see a bear shape...lol
I have no idea what he doing there lol.
*Forcing the bear kiss him?* 

Actually he is too tired and just wanna take a sleep. 

Before going inside the shop there. Really excited when Teddy bear is around. Why my baby not a girl?? *cannot blame one*

Even the rubbish ton also teddy bear.. #japanesepower
So cute right?Of course I have picked few for my online shop if you wish to get please stay tune and I will post soon. Super cute bear cookies and really cannot TAHAN anymore.Since when I became so girly.

You can see behind the cashier....FULL OF TEDDY BEAR. 

Thinking again....*If it was my house wall......* blush blush
You can even find SCHOOL BEAR Jackie here with crown one ^^ 

 I don't think this huge bear is cute I really think they are like ..... so funny the face lol

Bear in YUKATA style also....feel like bear so strange when in huge size.Definitely mini size will be better.

If you wish to visit this place too??

〒325-0302 栃木県那須郡那須町高久丙1185-4
TEL 0287-76-1711 FAX 0287-76-1980
e-mail: teddynet@nasuinfo.or.jp


End with my steak (dinner on that day)
Sorry if make you hungry....


Thursday, August 21, 2014

As A pregnant lady.....

Hello I'm back for blogging since really busy recently and also lazy....(pregnant always lazy right?) Not really coz have done moving new house and finally can blog hodai( means blog as much as I can).

Officially 29weeks pregnant and going to turns 30 weeks this saturday. 8 months pregnant's life is quite hard for me because seems something should happening with the preggers's things happening on my body---which is....

1.Belly became bigger day by day.(Now is 91cm) Before pregnant was 59cm something.
2.Cannot bend down even coins flew out from my purse also need to ask Dannyboy take for me.
3.Baby kicked me like playing boxing inside my body.
4.Cannot wear some of my oversized T-shirt anymore.
5.Backside pain is really killing me...(Die for whole night last week)
6.Cannot sleep like monster,you can just sleep with one pose only.
7.Cannot eat what you want to eat since doctor warn me to control my weights....(Sweetness overload ed)
8.Cannot feel my leg anymore after finished my work. (Quite hard for a pregnant who need to wearing heel for work even just 2cm heel)
9.Not really drink too much water but rush to toilet for at least 3 times in one hour. 
10.Just cannot fit any shoes anymore....only my oversize flat.(I just have only one pairs)

Not really complaining my life now but at least I let you know pregnant really changed my life a lot.
Like sometimes you will talk with yourself(Not really actually I'm talking with my baby wtf)
Or like you think carefully before you do something...Like...this is really good for baby or ??Everything is baby first,mom second and dad is the last...(Opppssss)!!I think it is not only me but mostly all the mother in the world does!!!

Like I made fruits or green smoothie all for my baby...and I also like lol
My first try----peach and mango pudding yogurt smoothie...(This is a bit dessert type)

Also,get myself some oat's products and I really in love with this granola bars...!!!!!Super delicious which is a present from my neighbour ^^ Quite hard to get this kind of product since all is MADE IN USA something and luckily there has a wholesale market (Costco) around so can get some cheap and nice US grocery!

Yogurt drinks and yogurts everyday (Scare)
Can't get enough still wanna selfie to prove HOW MUCH I LOVE YOGURT!!!

Okay la,just in case you don't know Japan's yogurt is the best la.

Went for mother class (1st semester) last friday.First semester should be available for mother which is 12 weeks to 30 weeks pregnant mama and I really so late de lo coz I'm already 28 weeks last week.When doing self introduce----I was like-----I'm the one who delivery first and all was after DEC and my belly is the bigger belly there since everyone was around 17 to 21weeks.

Actually I should go earlier....(Blame my work wtf)


First semester was telling you the food balancing and how to maintain a good body during pregnancy.What kind of supplement should takes during pregnancy and really all about basic things.(Nothing to learn) Well,of course is for the mother who don't know anything...(I know because I do a lot of research and I have so many MAMA TOMO( Mother's ferns) around so NO WORRIESSSS.

Received a lot of free gift and supplement tester and I finished all!! (I do need some diapers for my baby in the 2nd semester) lol
The yellow book which is the mothers books (every pregnant lady will got one for her whole pregnancy period for recording the mothers details and baby's details...(Japanese mah)

Now really look forward the 2nd semester mother class which is teaching you.....okay tell you next time if not I have nothing to blog....bahahahahah 

Today's look and mini belly.(Chanwon said one)
#OOTD recently and nothing to wear and only with the UNIQLO one piece and it is so comfy..don't care la no shopping for few months and I hope I can have nice clothes and ootd for the coming winter.Can't wait can't wait!!! 

I think all of you will asking this..

Actually better don't take but only once for few months so I rarely forgive myself and I want some otoro...sorry if some of you wanna scold me or judge me.

In Japan they eat everything accept ice drinks or watermelon coz they have not many 'pandang' like chinese ppl do.Well,I'm chinese I know I should follow the rules but.....living in JAPAN should 入鄉隨俗. (Hope my mom won't see this if not she will start ngem ngem ngem again.

Such a wordy post because I have stop blogging for a month but don't worry I will start blogging again from today so....blog won't die and please visit me when you are nothing to do. lol

Should sleep now....good night and sweet dream.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Food sharing: Marshmallow Elagance

Hi today just wanna update something cute and very yummy! Guess what?? I'm not a dessert lover before pregnant but now....I changed! I admit I love sweet thing now (I don't want be fat lady) T.T
Just looking for more cute and nice food in Japan for introduce to you guys and I finally found something which is I looking for so long time!

I'm gummy lover and sometime craving for marshmallow.So I think Gummi Mallow will be the best matchers in the world and you can having one of them at the same time.

First I saw this,really feeling like...everything in Japan is soooo cute!Really can't wait to see it in real.(But I already can imagine how was it look like.)

I was like...OMG too cute and I think I won't eat it.I post it on my blog shop and some of my customer ask for it.Cuteness overload right??

Me trying the raspberry flavor!

The packaging so cute right??
From left Gummi mallow,caramel mallow and the plain marshmallow. I've try them all and of course the best-----Gummi Mallow.

So the summer limited flavor! MANGO...! For me,I'm mango lover 
This is what I got from the store.It is very mango and super in love with it.

So for the one who interested on it,you can order from @walkinjapan_com (Instagram) or LINE daphnefroggy for more details.This is only you can get in Japan and I think I do share a very lovely sweets for you guys lol

Thanks and will have more delicious food to share again,Good Night!