Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review of Lip tint pack berrisom

Few weeks ago I found this lip tattoo at some of the online store and managed to get one to try!! Just saw many pretty korean girls having this and my lip always looks super white if not get any lipstick on it,so I decided to buy one for myself. 

(Heard it will lasting for 12H)

picture from google

So this is the my lip tint pack range and the colour is pretty cool huh?! Not sure it will looks good on me or...maybe not?! Quite excited to try it out. 
I chose the colour bubble pink which is a bit pinky for me but heard my friends said shouldn't pick the lighter colour coz it is not obvious at all after you applied it. Bubble pink please be good to me.

Looks like jelly before open it and actually i thought it will smell like cherry or strawberry,but not at all.....just like some sticky glue..!! Oppss...

Quite red.....right?? Hope I'm not looking scary here. Quite love the colour here but maybe too red??!

All you need is waiting for 15 min! haha..selfie time.!!
Wtf I look like octopus here!

After you applied it quite scary if you zoom out your lips...Don't know why so gel and can't get used for this! Maybe is too cold the weather and the gel is not smooth.
I suggest you keep it in 20c warm place and it will become smooth when you apply it.
Japan is 7c that day. *No wonder*

Okay stop posting my octopus look and after 15 min I just peel it off.

The lips is not so red and the colour is quite natural.

Satisfied level ★★☆

Not too pink but dannyboy said quite okay...depends on person.Maybe I should use on his lip next time! lol


Its really lasting more than 8 hours..quite awesome that I place again the satisfied level again!


See ya!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just been so down recently and too tired for take care baby at home.Back to blog again in this weird timing.Just make a video since nothing to do and almost forget to edit. Before I forgot so decide to post here today.

Film this video 2 weeks ago if not mistaken...and just done editing just now.
I'm not ging to inspire all of you but just my daily make up. Sharing mahhhh!

Tools using

•Chanel LE BLANC liquid foundation
•CANMAKE eye shadow
•KATE eyebrows mascara
•3CE cream cheek blusher
•K-Palette 1DAY tattoo eyeliner
•Topshop LIPS stick

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Pick!

Hi guys its since 2 weeks never update here and finally is march! Guess what? Its already been a year which I realised myself was pregnant...and I remember I still went for bowling game..crazy man!
Well,today just wanna blog about feb haul.

Today decided to blog some snacks I picked on Feb! Its so nice and not too pricy!

Before I introduce any food and I get some sandrio item which is my favourite little twin star and My sweet piano plusher...seee!! Cute die and I can look at them for 24hours.
First time purchase this kind of 'rubbish' that Dannyboy mentioned! lol

Its time to introduce snacks right now.
So first is my favourite butter raisin sand cookies from hokkaido rokkatei.
Inside is raisin and its really tasty for this.Can't stop myself for eating this! But it including a bit alcohol so I just have one only for a to describe this??The cookies is soft type and not too sweet but BEST HAVING DATE is around 7 days!

Rate ★★★★☆
Recommend ★★★★★

I just rate this for 4 star because kids cannot have this and its such a waste!

Next is the sugar butter sand cookies series.
Just come with petite stick if compare with sugar butter sand tree cookies.
 So berries and white chocolate topping with dry berries or hazelnut! Just don't know how is it but the size definitely suit for kids and also adult.

Testing time.

Japan's packaging never lies on you.Why say so?? They has the exactly same thing come out from the packaging and the biscuit is same,coating is thick and they really has dry berries on it!
If other country's snacks this #BravoJapan
For the berries---Sweet & sour 
For the white chocolate---milky

Rate ★★★★☆
Recommend  ★★★☆

For the one cannot bear with the milky things you should give up on this.

Lastly with something really 'Japanese' snack.

Asabu karintou.
Karintou which is a snacks original from Japan. Its a sweet and deep fried snacks.Most of the karinto is made by brown sugar and nowadays they have different flavor of this.

For this asabu shop and they have over 50 types of karinto. As I know karinto is crunchy one but they even have the soft type karinto.Next time should buy and have a try.I'm not karinto fans so I don't know how they can be so crazy on this. haha

Rate ★★★☆
Recommend ★★☆

Not recoemmend to tourist because there have a lot cheap karinto you can find it at the supermarket.This is a bit expensive but as a souvenir,their packaging is great!

So which one you think is good??

see you on next post!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines day 2015

Hi how was your valentines day??As usual we just have a meal during Valentine and first try with french cuisine and can't wait to eat my favourite lobster haha. Special dining only during some special day,if you having everyday...not special liao lu -.-
This year we have new member join us which is kicker !! He loves outing with us so we also brought him along even Valentines is 2 ppl matter...(I need romantic dinner....) Don't care we just brought him along!

Hello DaddyBoy! He wearing the shirt I bought for him for Valentine...(In Japan,girls need to give boy present during valentine) don't feel shock...Japan culture!

Everything is just so formal. I should dress well lol

■Appetizer with 3 different salad 
■Scallop sauté with truffle sauce 
■Potage cappuccino tailoring of burdock 
■light stew of white fish and lobster sauté 
■Sirloin Steak with black pepper sauce

 Kicker pretend like want to eat.

The dessert of the day. It comes with different types on the wagon car and you just pick the one you like..and this is buffet style for the dessert(eat as much as you can)..super duper like the cream brûlée.

A message plate for dannyboy. Thank you for everything!

Coffee time. Just have a very nice meal.

Happy Valentines day!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

January Haul

Hi!! Back to update again my blog since the postman haven't come yet...and today just blog about my haul on last month and I don't really remember how many things I have bought but normally I just bought those interior for our home recent...and wallet is burning.haha

First I got on year 2015 was the fukubukuro. It was from SLY and I really love their fashion trend so much.They have the casual wear and neo girl wear also come with my favourite lavender colour sweater this year.
I got their 10000JPY fukubukuro this year which is you can choose either 3 pcs on their choices. (I choose 1 knit 1 skirt and 1 legging pants actually) Leggings pant was inside the laundry bag ya sorry!
The nicest thing is it comes with a very nice bag for your clothes and I think this is worth!

The hat from AZUL original by moussy . Quite long time never buy any accessories and found this hat is cheap so just grab along during new year. (Sorry a bit dusty)

Flat shoes everywhere,no more heels for mama. Just so convenient for outing and don't you wearing heels and carrying a baby??So scary! No I just don't want fall down later. I chose a ribbon loafer and a sneaker? Just so special the pattern and price reasonable so I get both.The right one I wearing almost everyday! lol

So next is new cushion cover.
It is also having big sale at my favourite shop(franc franc) and the cover was my wish list last year and I managed to get them on 20% and there are so gorgeous right? Super love their design.

Also got them at franc franc.Room perfume actually and it smell so good!I prefer floral one and actually one is for dannyboy but he has the AZUL perfume so I using this for my room and living room in case sometime can refresh.

New in MT tape and I grabbed like so crazy and every design is so nice so I just control myself to just get 5 for a month and you will see this year end I will have 60 different MT tape soon. My favourite was the sandrio little twin stars tape,just looking for so long and finally got my lovely pastel colour tape. Mostly using the tape for diary and sometimes is a little note for customer. I think no one can resists for this little thing....( TOO CUTE LIAO)

As you know I'm interior lover and try to get the nicer thing for our new house. Just got the coffee cup set and the dessert plate. So just get 2 dessert plate first more storage space for the collection...sob sob.Anyway,its from franc franc again.I think I should move all the things from franc franc home and deco it. You will like this too if you are in Japan. Their product quite simple and awesome.

So I think its all my haul on January and hope you like this post.
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