How I spent my summer holiday with? PART 1

August 21, 2015

Hi! Just manage to update my recent activities during summer holiday! What actually Japanese doing  in summer time? You should read more and you will get to know then.

Just brought our visitors come from Malaysia to one of the festival--fireworks festival.
Japan used to have a lot of hanabi taikai(fireworks festival in Japanese) during summer time.

I have no idea why they love fireworks so much?! (Winter cannot play fireworks meh?)

We reached 5 hours earlier to take a good seat for that.Since you know what also need to take seat in Japan likes..while cherry blossom season,summer fireworks,Disneyland or Disneysea show, even eating the famous ramen you have to queue for 1 hour above sometimes) Just fed up with those super patient Japanese! You can see they took the best seat everywhere.

We had already took a very nice seat (not at the field side)
Manage to feed myself first because we are super hungry actually.
(It was 4pm and the hawkers just started the food store around)

 Girls & boys!!

Actually the burger was hubby's one. I just take it for selfie...(Blogger's style)

The little 'king' was counting his

After our brunch we just went back to our place and wait sunset...get ready for the fireworks.
(It was 5:30pm something) Just too bored while waiting but if you want the best scene you have do this in Japan. 

He was the most relax one with his favourite TV nowadays..haih T.T 

So,what we gonna do while waiting? Just keep looking up the sky and money will fall down is it?? lol
Just asking hubby for some nice picture but who knows..he taking like this..

Sky getting darker and its more crowded! I will just piss off if they block my scene later..

Finally it started around 7:30pm, 30min delayed!

Just a lot of fun for this festival,you can saw many girls dress yukata around and have a sweet date with their boyfie.Just so hard to dress with yukata when carrying kicker so this year skipped.

Sharing some favourite shoot with you for the fireworks. Pretty awesome that my camera can make it. Just some of them and others are failed. 

Next year I hope I will be here again with you guys.Just too amazing if you have some friends visit you during your holiday! 


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The reason I love Japan 1️⃣---Frozen Foods

July 30, 2015

As the title said...the reason I love Japan. Staying in Japan for almost 8 years and realised that was a lot of problem here (culture problem is the biggest fear here) Anyway,Japanese is friendly enough so foreigner won't feel unsafe when they are travel in Japan and Japanese foods always the best choice for visitors.

For me,having a baby,working full time job and my part time you know really not much time spend on lunch or dinner. Usually I'm having the most convenient food like you can get anything in 7-11,Lawson and family mart(Japan's convenient store is 100% convenient)!!! 

So today going to introduce frozen food in Japan.
Here are the frozen foods and its look quite real okay?? Not like 貨不對版 lol


AFTER... (You can see the oil and chicken is very crispy) 

Just put inside the microwave will do!Just read the packaging instruction and its having the cooking time for each frozen foods behind!
Their instruction always so cute one!! (Japan's culture)

Just wait for 5 minutes! Yummy pasta is ready to serve!

This shrimp xiu mai is my favourite although its not tasty like the Hong Kong restaurant one,but for frozen foods---it win! Just very bouncy!


As you can see the fried rice is very real! Not like the others packaging so nice and inside not nice!
*Good job Japan*

Okay here is my lunch today!

Why choose frozen food??

☆Save time,when you are busying working or having a baby around you can just take out and heat it.
☆Quite tasty and less salt then outside food I think. (If you really can cook just cook will be better then.)
☆Variety choice to pick! From rice to noodle,from noodle to simple dishes.Japanese always use this for their bento box.
☆Even you not re-heat,foods always stay tasty!
☆Its cheaper than when you eating outside almost like 198yen~498yen. 
☆Only in Japan lol

If you have a chance to visit, try all!! Hope you like this post and sorry for make you hungry....!


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PINKY haul

July 18, 2015

I'm not pink lover and maybe I should say I'm not pinkish ppl at all since I went visited YSL counter few months ago and looking for some new lip colour! Heard someone said YSL new series--pop water is good so I decided to get myself one of it.

I've almost tried all the colour at the counter and thanks for the patient staff who accompany for 2 hours and helping me choose the lip colour lol (LIKE VIP ??)

After being so confused about the colour and I chose 205 pink rain. 
I'm not sure why I will choose this but I told the staff I wanted to use for daily and she said this is the nicer colour which is not so fancy for daily use.

Just my second purchase from YSL and after that I've bought another 2 colour which is 203 & 204 too. (Sorry not at the photo)
Jill stuart blusher is girl's dream blusher since Laduree is number 1.
Jill stuart will be number 2 my opinion.

This is actually limited edition few years ago and I like the colour so much.
Just looking for so long time and finally found it! 

Its quite nice and when you apply on your face it won't look too pink and the point is...I like the packaging so much!!!! Just like crazy! They will have new colour and some limited colour upcoming season and I just telling myself cheek blusher no need to be too much if not you will not going to finish it...

Girls, don't be so crazy on 'LIMITED' too much if not your wallet going to burned. lol

Japanese used to so sensitive about this word..if you wish to open a shop started some need to have limited stuff inside your shop and probably all made in U.S.A is better.
(Japanese kinda like ang moh stuff lol) 

Personally suggestion if you wanted to try YSL pop water as well,colour is very well and its lasting longer than other lip gloss. The point is not really sticky at all and I love the colour when applying on your lip and it is like lipstick more than gloss.

You will not going to regret for this purchase. 

If you have any things want me to sharing can kindly leave me a comment!!


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[Outfit Post] Style as a casual Korean style

July 10, 2015

Hello! This is quite long delayed post which is taken on April and my hair was still short. It was a trip with chanwon and of course she took me all this photo! I pretty love casual style after gave birth and almost sneaker day (no way for heel)! I will waiting for one day I can be dress up mini dress or high heel again!

Style with long size cardigan with very spring colour and my all time favourite pants from stylenanda. Matching with super simple border line tee and whole look won't looks too casual and a bit colourful when you love matching with monotone item.

Hair style is short bob hair and I have curl it for looks more volumn!
For make up I'm using orange lip crayon for making more korean look here. (Do I look great on it?)

I think orange lip is not bad and I just didn't expect the result is quite good.


Still remembered that day was raining , me and chanwon move to another guest house for our stay. Quite exhausted after that. Just can't wait to see her again soon! *Hi my kicker boy with me in the taxi*!

Hopefully more outfit post to update and see you again!!

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Q-pot x Sailormoon

July 5, 2015

Picture taken from Qpot official site

Hello everybody!! Just have a super busy weekend and almost forgot its July now!!Time flies and here are some awesome and cute stuff for introduce!
Qpot is a Japanese handmade accessories shop and its all about dessert type accessories. You can found really cute and REAL sweets accessories here and I know it is expensive just for a necklace. But this is really cute after you see the real item...everything is worth!

Qpot x Sailormoon 20th anniversary collaboration items are available from 30th June. (Just few days ago) and this is super famous and of course a lot ppl queued for that too.

For me,I was sailor moon fans since 10years old and my favourite is of course moon! I started to learn how to draw sailor moon which is teached by one of my friend. If I can find out the pairing sheet it should be good but I think it is left my granny house now lol

Okay here you go my favourite collection.

No.1 Starry Night Macaron series (Necklace or Charms)

This is just too perfect and I'm 100% in love with this.
Thanks my Sg mama tomo for telling me this is on sale if not I never check out of this! I think you should in love with this design too. This design just sold out too fast and many girls can't manage to get this on the first day! (Me too) Actually I'm looking for the charms,I'm not sure what should I do 
with this but...I know it is great!

No.2 Crystal Star Macaron series (Necklace or Charms)

I bet everyone like this because it is a Sailormoon 5 members symbol on it and it is just perfect for sailor moon fans! This is not bad too but if it is in heart shape or other shape,then will be my number 1 then! Macaron shape stuff just can kill all the girls.

If you remembered this too!

No.3 Moon Phase Pocket Watch 

This is the very mature design and The moonlight is the message of love words in. How Qpot can be so good at design this kind of stuff I just can't stop staring on this product.

For more about Q-pot and sailor moon collaboration item you can visit Q-pot for more details.

You can check their awesome website anytime and now they have a collab with Disney character---Winnie The Pooh!! 
Here you go the pooh soft biscuit face necklace and some charms and spot piglet too!! ^^

 Q-pot Disney STORY
Click picture for go through the link!

Have A nice day!


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