Monday, April 14, 2014

Japan's food tour *cheated one*

Just a cheated food tour today.Recover from sickness and finally I put some yummy food on my blog.
Just too many friends visit Japan recently and can't meet up all of them *sorry* why you guys always ask me last minutes?!Really sorry....

Here you go some foodsssss
Sukiyaki set that I love so much and it is cheap! The yolk is killing you right?!

Chinese cuisine lunch set which is my favorite place! The seafood always freshhhh!

White day chocolates X hello kitty version.Everybody is die for the cuteness !Sorry it is already sold out!

Limited menu from popo Le mama pasta house.The crab pasta with cream sauce.
*Thumbs up*

The strawberry seasons is around and eat all the Ichigo as you can la!Of course I support my local Ichigo which is Tochiotome (from Tochigi).

So Ichigo parfait is good too!!! #onlyinjapan

My favorite ramen----maybe you already know this coz I posted 637482617times already!
The hot pot ramen with tokotsu soup.

White day chocolates from colleague.It was a Macaron which is wrap by chocolates.Did I told you Japan's sweet actually less sweet that's why we can't stop eating it! #dietalwaysstartsfromtomorrow

Having this every morning.Ok,if you say I'm rich but I can tell you this is not that expensive lol
That's why I can afford everyday!

Lastly,you guys favorite soft twist ----very very milky and ...actually I hate matcha flavor.Sorry to matcha's fans but I really cannot accept.

Sorry for the readers who haven't have dinner and hope I make you super hungry now lol!!!Come visit Japan one day and eat all the good food here!

See you on next post!


Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Sakura seasons (Hanami)

Say hi to my blog again!! Just wanted to post some Sakura pictures here since it's the best season for Sakura.But...we went to Ueno park last week and the Sakura haven't pop out yet lol and just few of not too crowded also (super bad timing)!!

Don't blame I also have few pretty Sakura pictures here!

So this is just 'few' of them popping out la and can you imagine if there are Mankai (means full bloom in Japanese)!!!
There must be so so so pretty right?
The Sakura beside the Ueno park entrance.Just so crowded because everyone just taking picture there and I just can stand very far for it.
Look!!!So PINK!!! Don't jealous me can watch it every year and everywhere.bahahahaha!
Enjoy the food also even so cold also want some ice cream. #NeverafraidtobecomeAFatChick

Actually we went with my mother in law and her amazing her friend is a yoga's teacher and she is just...too professional!!!Hope she enjoy the day with us!

I have my super big strawberries....!!!!

Why I look so chubby here ...@@ (Just starting feel so guilty for eating so many good food for pampering myself recently)wtf!!

Well..will update more this coming season and don't forget to check my blog if you really really free and nothing to do.Thank you so much!

Good news is going to announce so...just guess lol


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Danny & Daphne wedding highlight

Just a very long time and finally the wedding video is here!!hope you guys like it and don't forget to suscribe my channel too(even I didn't make video at all) lol

Have a nice day!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Blue

Never know bangs is convenient because sometimes you can go out without make up and nobody knows!So,I will keep my bangs and bye to fringe for awhile.
Today outfit post ----Le blue dress that I got from H&M few months ago and finally get a chance to wear...winter always kill my wardrobe!Finally there are alive from this season!

Style with simple bootie and clutch and also an oxford hat.

Hat,dress,bootie all from H&M. Enjoy styling during the spring time,but always missing the winter.I hate summer as well!
How about you guys?

Get ready for my wedding dinner'a photo??Ok,I will post it soon.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wedding actual day

Finally wedding photos on hand!Ready to read?Not going to talk more again maybe just let the pictures

Everyone said I looks exactly my mom.

Thank you mom,I will not forget.
I don't even know my dress looks so good.
Daddy,thanks for protect me for over 20 years,finally I'm ready to be other'a wife.My favorite man in the world.

Ready to meet my new family.
It is too hard for a bride,with super heavy dress and high heel.

I was like 'Hold my hand I'm afraid I'm going fall down'

Video is coming up soon.Stalk my facebook or instagram for more update!