Nalu Omotesando

May 10, 2016

Time flies and I came back to my favourite salon again! 
Due some reason and I can't go Nalu often, if not I will go every month. I bet you tried their service before which is number76 in Malaysia and it called Nalu in Japan (located Harajuku,omotesando)

This is my third time here and you can read my second visit by click here.

My first time was trying out their ultrasonic treatment which is recommended by Chessie, and I just felt this is really cool and not much salon is doing this.

Its been 2.5 years I'm here again which is invited by them. I'm glad to be here again for unicorn hair color lol

Bleaching.... actually I love to doing bleach on my hair. I like lighter color than black color. (Black doesn't suit me ;( 
 How strong my hair even 2 times bleaching still like orange....I know because Gomi san said my hair is used to be like that ;( The more stronger the longer time you need to sit at the salon. Glad its golden week and less customer and I can really relax there.

The MAGIC treatment --ultrasonic Iron treatment that I mentioned. It makes your hair very smooth and you will definitely addicted! 
You only can try this at Nalu! 

The colors that Gomi san chose for me! OMG this is my first blue hair! I didn't know blue looks so good.... ;)

Here is the out come and I really love the color Gomi san chose! Nice idea and I wish can have Ash color forever lol!

Details ♡

First time having lunch at 76cafe and the environment is good! Relax music and nice seat! 
Kicker and Daddy come join me after my hairdo. See kicker is enjoy!! (actually he keep nagging)

My order for roast beef donburi! Not sure why I choose this but beef is my favorite! 
Daddy's cheese cake and 76cafe's signature ladybug cake! 

Thank you so much for the serve! The cake is super nice! can't expect it was my favorite flavor.

Kicker enjoy the cake session!! 
When you kids having something sweet, they will be hyperactive ! lol

Thank you so much Nalu omotesando for always making my hair so nice and the out come always 100% satisfied!!! 

If you really wanted to be colourful unicorn hair ,here is the salon I trusted.

Day 3 after--- my hair color still look great.

Day 4--- you can see my hair color is fading! Ash color I like ♡

Sometimes when you done with color hair, the most worrying is hair color fading and the hair color all gone!!! I got 1 experience, just 10 days my hair color all faded and turn to gold hair...super sad that time because the hair color was not stronger enough ...


Day 7---- Still look okay! Even some color gone when I wash my hair.

This is magic. I remembered my pink hair done by Hikky san also lasting for more than 3 weeks! 

Well, I just love them! 


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Camping season!!

April 30, 2016

Just earlier spring and we had plan to have a camping! Glad Lumi can join us along and hope she won't feel so boring because both of us like auntie uncle life now.

Will have more camping season coming up next!! super excited and looking forward and seems my life now became camping life! Just love some green and natural enviroment!

Watch the video here for more details! Hope you enjoy xoxo

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The fisheries shop (You Must Visit)

April 19, 2016

Must do in Japan which is enjoy seafood here and its BBQ style! I bet you saw a a lot of fisheries shop around and you just curious ' should I go inside?' Probably this place always so crowded and not really baby friendly place. ------YES! I dropped by kicker at the nursery and we went for dinner. Like finally we both can have time to enjoy the food here.

Not sure Tokyo area will have english menu for tourist or? My area just having this Japanese Menu.

FONT is creative enough! lol takes me some time to understand.

 Spot the FRESHHHHH seafood behind! Its all my favourite like scallop,clam,oyster. ( I love something which having shells) 

Passenger is having her plum wine! Its feel so good. 

After the appetizers and here goes my shellssssss lol
Just ordered a seafood grill set but the squid is too much ...o.O

The hokke fish! Always my favourite! Will takes some time to grill it! Make sure inside is cooked!

Just feel like want to have scallop and those huge clam! sign didn't have crab that day....

Its freaking gooooooood! Can't really describe it good but hope you know what I wanted to tell! 

Not sure what fishes is it but its tasty!

The spam which is in deep fried version! Must have in Japan! Its called HAMU-Katsu.

After that we ordered the oyster and not sure why its inside the tin box but after that we knew that is kinda steam oyster and need 20 min! we keep waiting and just heard some 'gang gang gang' inside the box....must be those oysters are so suffer inside haha 


Times up! Let me rescue you pity oyster!

Just wait to be serve! 

Will definitely come again next time to try out more menu! 

the daddy is eating without his lovely son is like not very enjoy.. he is like ' aww I miss my son'
so we went back earlier after this! 

Even we came here together but his heart is with his son lol 

Hope not really make you guys hungry. Will share more nice foods and view! 

See ya!

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