October 9, 2016

Tips for editing my instagram picture

Today will be you guys favourite,since many of you been asking me how I edited my instagram pictures, and now I'm going to show you how I make it with Vsco!

Will be a chinese vlog, sorry guys if you needed a english subtitle....I will try to make it asap!

Watch full video here

If you still have further question, you can leave a message in the comment box! 

Will reply asap! 

Happy watching!


October 2, 2016

UNBOXING Sonny Angel Halloween series 2016

Its Sunday and I have a surprise for you guys! 

YES! That I mentioned I will having an unboxing video this week and I will sharing about my favourite Sonny Angel figure.

I make a purchase on last week and here its the box! If you haven't purchase yet, let me show you the collection here!

You can simply order on their website !!

Watch full video⤵︎⤵︎

Happy Watching ! I will see you on next post!


September 29, 2016

[Vlog] My favourite Japanese Drama 2016

New video each week!

So I have just achieve my 4th video this month! Yay! which is....mission cleared! (Just a mission for myself being active on talking in front of camera...even just a camera, I can talk well! )

So this is a Japanese drama intro Vlog, some of you saying JP drama is a bit dramatic but I hope you like the TOP 5 video I have picked! 

Watch full video here.
(Can press CC for English subtitle)

Hope you enjoy it!


September 20, 2016

[VLOG] Fall make up look

Today just having a new blog for sharing, its about make up! Its been awhile I'm having make up tutorial (Its been a year)!!! Well, I will try to do some make up more, because mommy always not wearing full make up and only eyebrows,sunblock and lip color (for my daily!)

As you wondering how I done my make up this time,I'm using Daiso product to make it! (Super cheap make up ever)! 

For more you can watch full video here 

Hope you enjoy it! I will be seeing you guys on next week!


September 13, 2016

[VLOG] Wowowowow gift swap with bestie

Hello! New Vlog is updated on my YouTube channel!

Which is an unboxing video and collar with Lumi!

Enjoy! NO more monday blue!