Thursday, December 18, 2014

Food Sharing don't care

Just want to share some food post and (made by myself) today. As you know I just give birth a baby and finished my confinement (Like FINALLY)! No,I'm not hating confinement and eat too many ginger..just thank god I recovery so fast. So happy my mom is come over and cook for me and really so happy because I'm always alone at home and alone so mama is LOVE ! Mom just went back and I'm alone here again! She told me that SOUP is important for a woman (arghhh,I'm woman already!),and she teach me how to make easy and tasty soup or maybe just twice a week will do! 

She teach me how to make lotus root soup.
Just thank god she brought so many herb here for making soup and it is not so hard to cook.
This is what I cooked today!
What you need to prepare is..
Lotus root // Pork // water 2.5liter // some chinese herb which is I don't know how to write it in ENGLISH. 

Wash nicely and sometimes it is very dirty (my mom told me).

After that just put all the ingredient into boiling water.Cook it for 2.5/3 hours.Lastly put some salt and you can having it! Never expect soup is kinda magic. During my confinement I used to drink everyday and which is different ingredient with it..and now I can just wearing a T-shirt during winter time. lol

The soup is done.I cooked it for 3 hours today. *Happy*

Snacks momemt.

Burubon petite cookies
My favourite and portable cookies which is have 15++ flavor now! Suitable for kids & adult.
I just picked my favourite flavor which is chocolate chips,france butter cookies,chocolate sand and cocoa flavor!

POCKY midi
Super cute pocky that I ever seen.Just short and fat version of Pocky. For me just because of its outlook and taste like normal pocky which is nothing special. lol

Calbee Fruits granora
Need this every morning which is so healthy and I'm a cereal lover. I can eat a big bowl for it so I think you will know how crazy I'm. Just stopped this for my whole confinement period and I feel like want to DIE....
This started my everyday.

Just wanna finish this post because kicker is awake now.Gotta go and hope you enjoy to reading this.
Bye and will work for more post!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My first 1 month with KICKER

Back to update my baby diary here and its really takes me some time to tidy up the photo and all is about kicker.Did I mention that I haven't meet up my lovely baby after give birth it is because kicker transferred to another hospital ICU due to some breath problem so I went back home 2 days earlier (of course got doctor's permission) and rush to meet kicker on the 5th day. 

When I saw him lying inside the box and really feel like want to cry...and also worrying for few days since Im alone at the hospital and the nurse always come and ask me hows kicker? He is okay??Really thank god kicker is fine and been hospitalised for whole week and we finally met!


Which is the day we bring kicker home and still need to practise how to be a mom and the whole morning just stay in the room for breastfeeding,shower and of course diapers He just so lovely and he like to been carrying around rather than sleep on bed...thats why Im worry that he will never sleep on the bed!!!!! OH NO! 


The first picture at home after milk *milk coma* pose as usual. This photo just looks like her daddy so much( all my friends said). 80% from daddy and 20% from me??Which part do you think?
Grandma (My mom)said that his eyes and hair just look like me and other are from daddy....-.-

Day 10

Just caught his smily face when he is sleeping...dreaming about...the bob?? How cute he is!!Cant even know who he looks alike..everybody says kicker has my eyes,papa nose and lip,how do you think?


The cushion which is using for breastfeeding and he just love lying like that^^ Watch his long leg and it is get from papa I think.Getting tired everyday and never had 8 hours sleep anymore...just wake up twice during midnight for diapers changing and MILK...but sometimes he used to sleep for whole night with MILK so thank god !

Day 15

The evil side of kicker which is like this face>>> have no idea how he loves to bath and after carrying him out of water he will like this ugly face which is crying 
Really cannot understand what's baby thinking..someone can help me?


During my confinement,my mom flew over here and take care of me.Cook and help me do house work ^^ Of course I'm the one who take care kicker.Just started to have nice soup from day 12 and really bless can have such a good food during confinement.Not too traditional mind and normally I just can bath and wash hair as usual.*God bless*


Kicker after milk.He just sit probably and looks like stare on me but baby cannot look clearly since born after 3 months old only can look a bit clearly.Thats why sometimes he will response us when we called him and it is actually he know us or just a reflection?? I have no idea.

Day 19

My mom realise that kicker has very nice hair like just finished hair cut (but this is natural one no one cut it).!He just looks like me! From some different angle you will realise he actually looks like........CRAYON SHIN CHAN! Deal or not?? Just imagine shin chan always laugh like so evil and I hope he not going to dance the elephant dance in the future...o.O

Day 22

Went dinner (kicker first outing day) with grandma before grandma leave a week ago.Brough them to my favourite chinese restaurant!! Almost having celebration here during Xmas,valentine,or birthday haha ..Looks grandma face damn happy!! 
We also have our first PURIKURA (fake family portrait)lol and kicker looks so noooo...t nice. More purikura come!!


The day before mama back home and we went out again (Just 3 of us papa was working)! Dress him like so Japanese boy right?? Feeling like baby growing so fast and it just takes 3 weeks and kicker seems bigger a bit

Day 28

The day when grandma left and quite sad because I'm going to stay alone.....with kicker and nobody carrying kicker when I was busy anymore..I need to do all the thing by myself and hope I won't faint.
Just hoping everyday will be smooth. Just feel upset when mama left me again...>.< I wish to go home also!

Day 30

Happy 1 months old to kicker and officially he can go out anytime by now but winter is too cruel for him so better stay at home. The day when shop grocery and went ootoya for lunch.Thankie daddy for feeding him since I'm still eating. Always pretend a good boy when we walk around (sleeping whole shopping time) Thank god we having you kicker! I used to have selfie with him almost everyday and really look forward with it.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

30 hours to meet you---my kicker!

Just done!!

Day 1 after deliver kicker and I just lying on my bed and cannot move. What I can do just watch TV and even toilet also solved by a tube. Pain for 30 hours from 30th Oct 4am in the morning. Just feeling so weird and woke up and realise I will be hospitalised within 24 hours--thats why I standby and take along my bag to the clinic for check up. Doctor said not yet and ask me to back home. I was still able to drove back home by myself.

The pain is killing me and getting stronger after 6pm on 30 Oct and I try to have a bath and take some dinner (finally it is calm down and not so strong but still very pain). After that just getting to the MAX after 9pm and I suspect I'm gonna hospitalise and I called the nurse. ----and finally Im inside the labor room around 12am. 

The next day (31th Oct) morning,kicker is born! 

Day 2 which is I can get up by myself and I used 15min to get up by myself and it is really pain after the Caesarean operation.Of course keep lying on the bed with no food at the first day and be given fluids intravenously. 

Of course the thing I can do is ---watching TV programme.Luckily got TV inside the room. Can't sleep well at night also...I do missing kicker so much since he is transferred to another ward and I can't able to meet him yet.I think I will really cry so much when I meet him.

Day3 which is I can stand nicely and walk to toilet. It was too suffer when pee also...I can feel the scar inside my tummy and it is still pain...>.< But it is doesn't matter since it will recover soon. Some milk for kicker because I can't able to take care of him yet and I just can try hard to pump as much as I can. This is my first pack milk for I'm turning to be a cow now.....-.-
Still can feel my belly and 2 days no bath.....I can die for that! SUPER OILY HAIR!!!! -.-

Day4 Finally I can take bath and free from fluid! Really thank god and I recover so fast and I was allow to go home earlier and go to another ward for taking care kicker as well..!

Super comfy look and really enjoy the day in hospital. Everything is nice and food is serve in time,no need to worrying and everything is just worth!

Come with air fresher machine every room and this is JAPAN! Its very good for baby and mami! (How nice)

Just getting recover now and will update again soon...


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DONE with 26th birthday!

Hello! Been so tired during pregnancy 3rd trimester...what I mean?? Because EDD is coming soon but seems baby still don't want come out yet lol
Received my birthday present earlier this year and since dannyboy worried me will give birth earlier. So happy to having my first Samantha Vega bag this year and definitely our life will changed also because of kicker.

Being so stress on pregnancy because I just having the normal eating life and no idea why weight keep gaining so much even I just have porridge for a day? 
Doctor keep asking are you eating a lot??No!! I swear....but never I really look forward my diet plan after delivery.

Here you are my Samantha Vega lavender colour bag!!! So i love with it and it is really a sweet colour! The compartment is very good and like finally I just got some pastel bag join in.

Belly on 38week (day before my birthday) .Done checked up and went airport to pick up mom which is come for her grandson and also prepare for my confinement. I'm just very 'meh' face because I have to live with her for 6 weeks...It is enough to kill me..just very long story again..maybe will blog next time.

Received a very 'CHOCOLATE' cake from Dannyboy's BFF and with macaron. A million thanks to them who really remember my birthday and I really forgot my birthday since super tired went to airport on 18th night and 19th birthday actual date. So never celebrate on 19th and postpone to last weekend.

Just having a nice meal with dannyboy and mom and bought some dessert back home and have a nice talk.
The only #ootd now and I have nothing to wear -.- Super 'meh' face...! 39week belly and baby is a pumpkin size now.Went shopping with mom and since she is so free while waiting her grandson.

Trying to live peacefully with her because I'm too tired to quarrel with her sometimes.

The day after checked up. Doctor said baby will come very soon if not next saturday please come check up again and decided when I want to deliver my

*Mixed feeling*

I just have a memorable birthday this year with baby inside my belly.

Hi baby Mommy thought you will have same birthday with me,but still in my belly now.
Counting 4 more days to my due date and hope to touch you very soon!!

Bless me..


Monday, October 13, 2014

About my wedding ③

It is almost been a year after my wedding and I keep digging out the photo and try to blog (Pregnant woman is free but no mood for blog) 
Just before I forgot to introduce the place I have my wedding dinner,really a good place for garden style wedding.! It has been using for one year to doing research for looking a nice place for dinner.Just because we used to hate those chinese style restaurant or hotel ball room and everyone almost have the same place for the wedding dinner.....swt

Dannyboy decided to have a very garden feel wedding which is like having pool side view or if possible come with some green view also.After he asked for so many hotel and this is the our final decision!
As you see the suit room which is chosen as the wedding room and we can enjoy one free night here.
Just a welcome fruit plate for us. Also a bottle of champagne here (but lastly we didn't have time to enjoy this as you know wedding dinner is quite busy. 
Lovely bouquet too! Really feeling so bless now throw back all the memories...(Should really enjoy)

Resort feel around and full white bed. Come with a very cute couple bear on it.

As you can see,they are preparing our dinner table.(Around 3.30pm)
We just finished our morning ceremony in the morning and reach hotel around 3pm.Just try to make in time but seems so tired after the morning ceremony.
Thats a view which is surrounded by the pool and it is definitely great! 
Whole week is rainy day and we just afraid our dinner gonna spoil by the rain but seems my grandpa bless us and the weather is good on that day. *Thanks grandpa*
The gazebo which is really gorgeous and I should have more selfie here but where got bride keep take selfie on her actual day right?? Well, just feeling *sign*
The chair deco you can request by yourself but we don't have time to prepare so just let them make the gold colour ribbon ON. (Actually I prefer lavender colour -.-)

This is my favourite shoot...! Back side always look good.

Before going in the garden. 

As you can request for few different plan for your wedding. As I love garden style so if you do,yo should choose this hotel as well.

Happy reading!!

Equatorial Hotel Bangi
Add :Off Persiaran Bandar  43650 Bandar Baru Bangi  Selangor Malaysia